This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 1 at a glance


Year 1

Learning Link: Homes and Families/Animal Hunt

This term our learning centres on ‘Homes and Families’ (September and October) and ‘Animal Hunt’. We will use the texts, ‘Living in a Castle’ and ‘The Frog Prince’ to support these areas of learning in our literacy work.  Artwork inspired by Paul Klee, opportunities to use junk modelling to make a castle, a road safety and Nativity scene will make up our art and DT focus. In addition to this we will explore seasonal/daily weather patterns, introduce atlases, delve through a collection of books which show animals from different continents, and identify animals that live in tropical, desert and cold climates.

At the end of the term the children will take part in a S=P+A+C+E themed challenge to practise the skills they have learnt during their first term in Year 1.

Mrs Sharpe –

Miss Davis –

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn

Year Group reminders

Year 1 Curriculum Evening via Zoom! at 6.30pm – Tuesday 22nd September 2020


*If your child has ever visited a castle and you have a photo please email or send them to us*


Label all uniform

Bring a snack in a small named container – please can fruit be named too

Label your child’s drink bottle

We need boxes of tissues as we have run out so if your child could bring one in we would be very grateful


Thank you very much!



Learning about Jesus grew up in a family who loved and cared for him


Please discuss the following questions with your child

How can you tell Mary and Joseph loved Jesus?

What do you think life was like for Jesus when he was growing up?


Text: Living in a Castle                                                                                                 

Look at the layout of the book – contents and glossary pages

Ask a question and then answer it using the book to help them

Make a factsheet about a castle


oi, oy

Please watch the following link to help your child learn these sounds:


Capital letters and full stops


Counting & Place value

Continuing with one more and one less

Please watch the following links to help your child learn about adding one and taking one away:


Covered through continuous provision (water play and trail building)

Art and DT

Drawing houses with shapes


Go through Computing Suite rules

Log on and off the computer


Geography or History

Covered through continuous provision (water play and trail building)


Painting’ to music in time with the pulse of the music. Mirror work – watching and listening matching actions of our partner to See Saw. Body percussion – feeling the heartbeat and composing our own rhythms.


To be able to pass and receive to more than one person


Classroom Rules – please discuss the following questions with your child

  • What are rules and why do we have them?
  • What rules do you have at home?
  • What rules do we have in school?