This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 1 at a glance


Year 1

Learning Links: My World: My Community

This term our learning centres on ‘My World: My Community. We will be looking at our local area and what makes it unique.  We will be asking the questions, what makes our community function and successful.  We will look at the passage of time and how our community has change over the last 50 years.  If you have any memories of this time (the further back the better) or photographs we would love to hear from you.

Mrs Sharpe –

Miss Davis –

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Summer

Year Group reminders

**Please remember to bring a glue stick so that you can stick in all your learning in your books – we do not currently have any in school**

·         Please remember to send you child in PE kit on a Tuesday and this coming Friday.

·         Please support your child’s home learning by hearing them read for 10 minutes a day.  It really does make such a difference!

·         Please sharpen all your child’s pencils in their pencil case.

·         Well done to all the children who brought back their bean experiments – especially those beans that were strong enough to grow in our raised beds! It was wonderful to see the results!


New Topic: Holidays/holydays

Children will answer the two big questions on their title page.

How can I help to make a holiday and happy time?

How will I let the Holy Spirit help and guide me?


Rainforest vs UK forests

We will be looking at rainforests in Costa Rica.


Discuss with your child:

What lives in the rainforest?

What grows in the rainforest?


We will be writing facts about the rainforests.


We will be comparing rainforests in Costa Rica to UK forests.


Revision of Phase 5 sounds


To plan, draft, edit and proof read sentences I have written to make sure they make sense and say what I mean.


Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s



In the autumn term the children chose an evergreen tree to study, and a deciduous tree.  They will revisit these trees this week to make a comparison between how the trees looked in November, and how they look now.


The children will also be keeping a weather diary all week.

Art and DT

Matisse’s Snail.

Studying and recreating the artwork using coloured paper.


BeeBots online


Inputting instructions and algorithms.

Creating and debugging

Key Vocabulary:








Animals on the Farm

Geography or History

Comparing Guildford with Tocuaro in Mexico

You can have a look at the atlas and see if you can find Mexico and Tocularo.  What information can you find about Mexico?


Using our thinking voice to recognise a known tapped rhyme or song (Teddy Bear, Snail Snail, Hot Cross Buns). Revise new song: Five little monkeys. Revise Pease Pudding Hot.


How to control a racket


Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.

Children will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of fruit and vegetables in their daily diet;
  • Know that eating at least five portions of vegetables and fruit a day helps to maintain health.


Reading (see reminders) and spellings