This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 1 at a glance


Year 1

Learning Links:

Homes and Families, Animal Hunt

This term our learning centres on ‘Homes and Families’ (September and October) and ‘Animal Hunt’. Artwork inspired by Paul Klee and opportunities to use junk modelling to make a castle. In addition to this, we will explore seasonal/daily weather patterns, introduce atlases, delve through a collection of books which show animals from different continents, and identify animals that live in tropical, desert and cold climates.

At the end of the term the children will take part in a S=P+A+C+E themed challenge to practise the skills they have learnt during their first term in Year 1.

Miss Davis –

Mrs Terracotta –

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: 2023-24-Autumn-Year-1

Year 1 curriculum evening presentation 2022-23: CE 1

Year Group reminders

Week Commencing 2nd October – Week A

Inset Day – Friday 6th October 2023

Thank you to all the parents who came to the Year 1 Early Phonics and Reading information evening.  The PowerPoint will be up on the website imminently.  In the meantime, please see the phonics section of ‘Learning at a Glance’ to see the link to correct enunciation of phonic sounds.

All children should be sent in with a raincoat as we go out in all weathers.

·       PE kit to be worn to school every Thursday

·       1D only – Will need to be in their PE kit on Monday (Week A)


Space for me’ (Show and Tell) 

  • This will take place every Thursday
  • Yellow Group’s turn
  • Please can they bring in something to do with our learning at school.

Here are some ideas to help you.

Maths: Numbers to 10

RE: Creation story

Science: Ourselves (our 5 senses)

Phonics: ai, ear, air, er, ee, igh, ow, ay (eg. Bring in a toy cow)                  


Creation and Covenant

We will be learning that we can show our love for God through prayer.

•       We will share with the children the Our Father Prayer and the beginning lines of the Nicene Creed.

•       We will explain that both of these are prayers that all Catholics can say together.

•       We will find out that prayer is a way we draw closer to God.

•       We will find out that Jesus taught us how to pray the Our Father.

•       We will learn the Nicene Creed is a special prayer that all Catholics say together at Mass to show what we all believe in.



Rediscovering phase 3 sounds taught in Reception, in line with Phase 4 Phonics.

Little Wandle link:

List of Tricky words: said, says, you, do, like, little, push, put, pull and full


Reading books: Please return on the correct day (in the plastic wallet)

·       Reading for pleasure book or story sack (non decodable, to be shared or read with an adult):  Sent out Monday return on Friday

·       Little Wandle Reading book:  (decodable, to read to an adult):  Sent out Friday return on Monday.

Thank you to all the parents who came to our reading evening on Wednesday.  A copy of the powerpoint can be found on the school website.


Incidental sentence writing about independent activities (in Busy Books)

Start with a capital letter, end with a full stop.


Counting & Place value

We will be comparing groups of objects and identify, when given two groups of objects, whether one group has more objects than the other.

We will be using the <, > and = signs to compare two groups of objects.

We will compare three or more groups of objects and order them in both ascending and descending order.



We will be learning about what we use our senses for.

For example

I use my eyes to see.

I use my tongue to taste.

I use my _________ to __________ .

Art and DT

Incidental creative activities in our Art Workshop area.


Beebots in our continuous provision areas

Ipads – taking photos of our learning


Will learn a few basic instruction words such as: regardez, ecoutez, Also we will learn how to say thank you; merci, as well as asking someone how they are: Ca va?

Geography or History


MONDAY MUSIC SESSION – Revising Beat and Practising Rhythm Songs

Revise new song: Ickle Ockle – clapping game synchronizing with a partner – singing louder and quieter – clapping and fingertip tapping.  Sing Touch your shoulders – play game moving to the beat. Sing in thinking voice. Learn rhyme Feet Feet.


Show pitch sung in greeting with hand movements.  Revise Oliver Twist game, Snail snail and Sleep Baby Sleep. Revise difference between rhyme and a song. Revise rhyme Chop Chop and add new game. Revise Copy cat. Learn new song Hey Hey and improvise pulse movements. Sing Tick Tock in high and low voice.


Coordination Footwork – Developing my footwork skills and knowledge moving with balance and control, keeping head up and back straight. Move with fluent, smooth movements, working off the balls of my feet.

Learning for Life

Feelings and Bodies

We will be learning how to:

  • recognise that people’s bodies and feelings can be hurt;
  • suggest ways of dealing with different kinds of hurt.


Enjoying sharing your reading for pleasure book – Mon – Fri

Enjoying reading your Little Wandle book – over the weekend