This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 1 at a glance


Year 1

Learning Link:

Toy Story and journeys around the world

This term our learning centres on ‘Toy Story’ (January and February) and ‘Journeys Around The World’. We will use the texts, The Koala Who Could, ‘Where’s my Teddy’ and ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark’ to support these areas of learning in our literacy work.  Artwork will be inspired by Northern Lights Silhouette pictures and Jesus Light of the World: Study of Painting.

In DT there will be opportunities to sew felt puppets, bake some shortbread and design and make an Easter card. In addition to this, we will compile a Queen Victoria Fact file and timeline, sort pictures of old and new toys and compare a modern day toy with a Victorian toy. We will continue to explore seasonal/daily weather patterns, develop our map skills, find and locate oceans and continents and match climate to continents/ countries.

At the end of the term the children will take part in a S=P+A+C+E themed challenge to practise the skills they have learnt during their second term in Year 1.

Mrs Sharpe –

Miss Davis –

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Spring Year 1

Year 1 curriculum evening presentation 2021 – 22

Year Group reminders

·         Space for Me: please bring in something to do with our learning and have a go at rehearsing this in advance


·         From Friday 28th January:  Phonic Screening workshop for parents       This will be pre-recorded and shown on the school website


·         It is Week B next week so PE will be happening on Monday 24th January

Please make sure your child has a warm coat, gloves and hat to wear during playtimes.

Also, please can they wear several layers for when they are in the classroom due to the windows being open!

We will no longer be uploading weekly reports on Target Tracker anymore as we are now marking in books.

Please provide your child with a new glue stick:  the KS1 stationary shop will be open on Wednesday 2nd Feb

Thank you!


New RE Topic: Special People

We will be looking at the story of the presentation at the temple.

We will be retelling and using religious words and phrases to begin to describe the story of the presentation at the temple.



Irregular words:  it’s”, “I’m”, “I’ll” and “I’ve”


Traditional Tales

The children will be rewriting The Three Little Pigs.  You may like to go over this story with your child and find any appropriate books in your house – different takes on the story are fine!  If your child has a book of The Three Little Pigs they are welcome to bring it in for Time For Me.



All relevant games have been enabled in your child’s Bug Club account.  Have a go at them with you child.  (NB:  they are called ‘assessment games’, but we are using them as enhancement games.)


Please see this link for correct enunciation of phonic sounds.



Capital letters and full stops


Topic: Subtraction within 10

These Numberblock episodes will be particularly helpful for your child to watch.


Topic: Materials

To compare 2 objects

•      To explore the similarities and differences between plastic straws and rubber bands.

The children will be encouraged to use words like bendy, flexible, stretchy, stiff, strong, elastic and waterproof when describing both these objects.


Art and DT

The children will be making Victorian Thaumatropes.  This link will show how we will be making them.


Using the program 2 Publish to make a poster about Winter

(Link with Seasonal Change – Science)



Geography or History

Sorting old and new toys.  Looking for similarities and differences and giving reasons for answers.


Monday in-class session: Play singing games focussing on feeling the beat: Bow Wow Wow, Engine Engine.


Thursday lesson: Count the number of beats in Copy Cat and work with a visual representation of the pulse. Learn Peter taps with one hammer. Listen to our new song Doggie Doggie.


Small team games to practise communication and signals


Topic: Harold loses Geoffrey

Children will be able to:

  • Recognise the range of feelings that are associated with loss.

You may like to discuss some of the following questions taking ideas as appropriate:

  • Why is it upsetting to lose something?
  • Have you ever lost anything but then found it later? How did it feel to find it again?
  • Have you ever lost anything but never found it again? How did that feel? Were you able to replace the item?


Reading for 5 – 10 minutes every day.


Numbots (If your child is not too tired!)


Following feedback from parents we will now be sending home a sheet with the sounds, irregular words and high frequency words for the week. Your child will be sticking this sheet into their reading record every Tuesday. This will replace the word cards.