This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 1 at a glance


Year 1

Learning Links: Toy Story and Journeys around the world

This term our learning centres on ‘Toy Story’ (January and February) and ‘Journeys Around The World’. We will use the texts, ‘Where’s my Teddy’ and ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark’ to support these areas of learning in our literacy work.  Artwork will be inspired by Northern Lights Silhouette pictures and Jesus Light of the World: Study of Painting.

In DT there will be opportunities to sew felt puppets, bake some shortbread and design and make an Easter card. In addition to this, we will compile a Queen Victoria Fact file and timeline, sort pictures of old and new toys and compare a modern day toy with a Victorian toy. We will continue to explore seasonal/daily weather patterns, develop our map skills, find and locate oceans and continents and match climate to continents/ countries.

At the end of the term the children will take part in a S=P+A+C+E themed challenge to practise the skills they have learnt during their second term in Year 1.

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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Spring

Year Group reminders

Welcome back!!

**Please remember to bring a glue stick – we do not currently have any in school**




ur, er, ir, ear


Revisiting learning from lockdown:

Writing in complete sentences.


Revisiting learning from lockdown:

Subtracting crossing 10.  Please see these clips for further explanations as to what we will be teaching and how you can support your child with their learning.


Art and DT

Making Mother’s Day cards.


Online safety reminders


We will be revising/learning the days of the week in French by playing with a card game I have made for you to play in pairs. We will say the days, repeat them to your learning partner – taking turns – as well as mixing up the days and putting the days in the right order from lundi to vendredi. Voilà

Geography or History

How to use an atlas.  You can have a look at the continent PowerPoints on Google Classrooms to remind yourself of where different countries are located etc.


Showcasing our Lockdown musical learning – playing the spoons, moving to music, singing songs and being musical leaders


Using games to travel in both small and large spaces



Rediscover and Going Deeper

(learning for the first day of absence)