This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 2 at a glance!


Year 2

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Beside the seaside

This term we will be learning about the seaside and how holidays have changed over the years. We will look at changes in transportation and the impact this has had on the places we can visit. We will be focusing on Victorian seaside holidays in history and we will be celebrating our learning at our SPACE day with donkey rides and a Punch and Judy show!
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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Summer Year 2

Year 2 Curriculum Evening Presentation

Year Group reminders

P.E is on Thursday.

Monday is our Transition Day so the classes will spend most of the day with their new teacher in their new classroom.  They should still come to their usual classroom from 8.30 onwards and we will swap after a worship. Pick up as usual.

Any outstanding reading books to be returned by Monday 18th July please. No reading books will be reissued until September so please continue to read books from home, or your local library.

On Wednesday there will be a family picnic and leaver’s celebration at 3.30 pm until 5.00 pm.  Please bring a picnic along and celebrate the end of another successful school year.  The PTA will also be selling refreshments.

School will finish at 1.45pm on Friday 22nd July.  Please provide a named bag for the children to carry books they will be taking home.

We wish you all a safe and wonderful Summer holidays!


Treasures.  To remember, celebrate and respond to what we treasure, and how the world is God’s treasure given to us.


To rediscover rhyming couplets.

To write and perform a summer rap!



Spelling test of some of the CEW words and spelling rules taught this year.


To rediscover spelling rules and word classes taught this year.


Summer Maths activities.


To begin learning about stars and constellations.

Art and DT

To create a constellation picture using our birth sign.


To create a game using espresso coding.


Revisiting our learning from this year.

Geography or History

To evaluate our Beside the Seaside learning.


Perform head and shoulders actions while Hello is hummed or sung. Write the words of See Saw into the drawn heartbeats and tap the rhythm to the heartbeats. Work on performing the pulse and the rhythm of Listen Listen in two groups. Improvise actions in the rests of Sally Go round the Sun and play the circle game. Learn new rhyme Five Fat Sausages and show the rests with movement. Revise Hob Shoe Hob and tap the rhythm of the words showing the rests.


Athletics and summer games

Learning for Life

To know that we respect each other’s privacy.


Try to keep reading over the summer and continue to practise your times tables facts.