This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 2 at a glance!


Year 2

Learning Link: London’s Burning

We will be very busy in Year 2 this term!  As part of our topic on the Great Fire of London, children will have lots of opportunities for hands on learning including a London’s Burning workshop and the opportunity to make a Tudor House to create a street to demonstrate how the fire started.  We will also learn how London has changed as a result of the fire.  We will study the Plague and make links to the importance of staying safe and healthy in Science. Children will learn important skills of colour mixing when painting their portraits and those of important historical figures.  We will make use of outdoor learning by creating land art using natural Autumn objects in the style of a contemporary artist.  We will also focus on the skills of coding and touch typing in Computing this term.

Mrs Clarke:

Mrs Hills:

Mrs Royce:

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn

Year Group reminders

Monday 6.30p.m. zoom curriculum evening



Explore – To know and understand that God is present in every beginning.

To write a New Day prayer


Instruction writing


Phase 5 recap – ay, ou, ie, ea, zh (treasure)


Revising nouns

Common Exception Words:

The, a, do, to, today

HFW set for homework:

Because, behind, both, break, busy

Spelling rule:

The j sound, soft/hard g gate/magic


Place Value, ordering and sequencing numbers and less than and more than.


Recording the suitability of materials.

Art and DT

Using our knowledge of skin tones to paint the portrait of our learning partner sketched last week.


Human Crane algorithms. Writing a set of instructions for their partner to follow


Geography or History

Teach it through Drama, London’s Burning workshop


Experimenting with different voices; Body action games – shoulders, feet, arms. Moving slowly to a slow pulse.


To be able to change body shape to receive low and high passes.


How are you feeling?  Discussing feelings and how to manage them