This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 2 at a glance!


Year 2

Learning Link: London’s Burning 

We will be very busy in Year 2 this term!  As part of our topic on the Great Fire of London, children will have lots of opportunities for hands on learning including a London’s Burning workshop and the opportunity to make a Tudor House to create a street to demonstrate how the fire started.  We will also learn how London has changed as a result of the fire.  We will study the Plague and make links to the importance of staying safe and healthy in Science.  Children will learn important skills of colour mixing when painting their portraits and those of important historical figures.  We will make use of outdoor learning by creating land art using natural Autumn objects in the style of a contemporary artist.  We will also focus on the skills of coding and touch typing in Computing this term. 
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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn Year 2

Year 2 Curriculum Evening Presentation

Year Group reminders

P.E is on Thursday – children do not need to wear their P.E. kit as they are having their photograph taken.  Their lesson will be planned to be suitable for them to wear their school uniform.

Please return your child’s orange spelling book on Monday.

Parent Consultations are on Monday 18th October via Zoom.

Individual photographs are on Thursday 21st October.

Friday 22nd October is a Bank Holiday so school is closed.


To know what happens at the sacrament of Baptism.


To read a selection of diary entries.

Working in small groups, the children will act out extracts from Samuel Pepys’ diary and create freeze frames. They will think about what the figures mentioned would have felt like and what they might have said to each other.

Using these ideas, they will write a diary entry as if they were alive during the Great Fire of London.


To read and spell words using vowel digraphs e.g. haunted, meat, cloud, blue.

To rediscover alternative spellings of these sounds.


Year 2 CEW: clothes, could, cold, door, even.  Spelling rule: silent ‘k’ kn always with an n, e.g. knot, knee, knuckle.  Please also revise all spelling words learnt so far for a test after half term.


Adding and subtracting tens numbers, subtracting 1-digit numbers from a 2 digit number and adding two 2 digit numbers.


To learn about how germs spread and the work of Louis Pasteur.

Art and DT

No Art due to Friday holiday.


To write simple code to program objects to move and then disappear when clicked.


We will recap on all we have learned so far this year by singing, acting and colouring.

Geography or History

To create a timeline of the key events in the Great Fire of London.


Singing games in the circle – Feet Feet, Early in the Morning. Exploring three pitches – high, middle, low. Improvising actions to Hey Hey. Finding the number of heartbeats in different known songs. Conducting songs.


To be able to control their movement to fit a theme.


To learn  how to be a good friend.


To aim to read every day for at least 10 minutes and to record this in your reading record book.

To learn the common exception words and spelling rule in your child’s orange spelling and dictation book for a dictation after half term.  There will also be a test of the CEW words taught so far.