This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 2 at a glance!


Year 2

Learning Link: Beside the Seaside

This term we will be learning about the seaside and how holidays have changed over the years. We will look at changes in transportation and the impact this has had on the places we can visit. We will be focusing on Victorian seaside holidays in history and we will be celebrating our learning at our SPACE day with donkey rides and a Punch and Judy show!

Mrs Clarke:

Mrs Hills:

Mrs Royce:

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Summer

Year Group reminders

Please make sure your child has a named glue stick and named set of colouring pencils in school each day.

PE is on Tuesday and Friday this week.

For extra Maths support, do not forget to use the resources available during home learning, for example Numbots and Times Table Rockstars. You also have access to School Jam and new activities are added each week.


Spread the Word – to record how to share the Good News and topic evaluation.


The children will be sharing and evaluating their character descriptions from last week.

We will read another text by Chris Wormell, ‘One Smart Fish’ and think about what features of his books the children like. They will begin to design their own sea creature in preparation for their writing activities next week.


Grammar: We will rediscover how conjunctions can improve our writing and begin to understand the difference between co-ordinating (and, but, so) and subordinating conjunctions (because, when, while).

CEW words

Coming, couldn’t, didn’t, different, door

Spelling rule

Possessive apostrophe for singular nouns e.g. Megan’s, the girl’s, the child’s, the man’s



To solve problems involving 2-digit addition, to subtract using 2 digit numbers and to rediscover times tables.


To observe creatures in our local habitat.

Art and DT

To sketch flora and fauna in preparation for making a clay tile in the style of local artist Mary Watts.


To create a branching database using 2 Question.


Animals on the Farm

Geography or History

To explore sources of evidence from Victorian seaside holidays and think what we can learn about holidays in the past from them. This will follow on from our visit from Chertsey Museum last week.


Sing hello at 3 different pitches without being told starting pitch. Revise Pussycat Pussycat as a Q and A song performing rhythm. Play Rhythm Echo Game. Learn new song Star Light Star Bright. Revise Little Sally Water


To use hand eye coordination to control a tennis ball


To know how to stay healthy.