In year admissions

In Year Admission    

If you are applying for a place for your child other than at the start of the Reception Year you should apply direct to the school and also contact Surrey. The application to the school should be on the Supplementary Information Form and the Surrey SMA form should be completed and returned via the school. Both forms can be downloaded from this page. 

You will be notified of the outcome of your application within 15 working days. 

If there is a vacancy in the relevant year group and no other family has applied for it, the school will allocate the place to you. Once the place is offered, together we will agree on a start date, which has to be within 4 school weeks of the offer.

If there is no vacancy, or if the number of applications is greater than the number of vacancies, the governors will at once establish a waiting list for the relevant Year Group, or add your child’s name to an already established waiting list. Places will then be offered to applicants whose names appear on the waiting list strictly on the basis of the oversubscription criteria, as outlined in our admissions policy (available here). You will also be informed of your right of appeal.


If you have any questions or what to come in and see the school then please contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Tahouri via email at or by phone on 01483 888388, we look forward to meeting you!