This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 3 at a glance!


Year 3

Learning Link:

Rock across the Ages

As your children enter Key Stage 2, we step right back in time to the Stone Age.  In English, work will start in September with our text ‘Life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.’  We will make links in computing, art and design that will really bring this topic to life.  It will culminate in a celebration of our work. We will continue to develop our skills in computing and create simple algorithms and in Science we peer into the topic of light.

In RE, our rich curriculum allows us to explore the topics of ‘home’, ‘promises’ and visitors as we approach the joy of Christmas.

St Dominic – Miss Duncan:

St Teresa – Mrs Terry:

Mrs Hills:

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: 2023-24 Autumn

Curriculum Evening Presentation: CE 3

Year Group reminders

Week Commencing: 4th December

Week B

Weekly reminders:

Monday: Inset Day.

Tuesday: PE, come to school wearing PE kit.

Friday: Bottle MUFTI.  The children can come to school in their own clothes in exchange for a bottle for the Christmas Fayre.


LC: To recognise the importance of the Jesse Tree

LC: To describe and give reasons why Christians love their neighbour as themselves during Advent.

To understand Paul’s message and  suggest how Christians can live out his message.



LC: To plan a letter to send to our author.

Following on from the children’s learning they will be planning a letter to send to our author Robert Swindells. Thinking about their favourite part of the book and questions they want to ask him.

LC: To write our letters to the author

The children will be using their plans to write their letters in full to the author. Focusing on their handwriting and using Green for Go and Red for stop.

Master Readers

Text: Ice Palace by Robert Swindells

Monday:  Whole class reading of text

Tuesday: Book Club

Wednesday: Modelled comprehension

Thursday: Independent comprehension and review

Friday:  Edit and review

Focus vocabulary this week:

mercy, clenched, rigid, leer and stifling



 Mrs Hills/Miss Duncan: To spell words where ‘-ing’, ‘-en’ and ‘-ed’ are added to multisyllabic words

Mrs Maguire: To spell words ending in ‘il’

Mrs Lyon: To spell words with irregular spelling patterns


Revision of topics learned so far.



L.C.: To use and recall the 8 x table.

The children will increase their recall of multiplication facts for the 8 times tables.



None due to INSET day

Art and DT


L.C. To recognise and continue repeated patterns.

The children will recognise and continue a repeated pattern and learn about artists that use this technique.



L.C. To choose appropriate page settings.

The children will define the term ‘page orientation,’ identify placeholders and say why they are important and create a template for a particular purpose.



LC: To imagine what it would be like climbing in the Himalayan mountain range.

To write a letter describing the environments and animals in the Himalayan mountain range. The children will be including key facts and information they have learnt.


LC: To say, read and write the colours in French.
Listening carefully, speaking clearly and using key vocabulary. Bleu, blanc, rouge, noir, jaune, vert, rose, marron, orange, gris, violet.
Quelle est ta couleur préférée? Ma couleur préférée est…….


Advent Service Preparation

We practise our Advent Hymns singing with expression and our best singing voices. We are learning to sign the carol Away in a Manger.


Social Skills & Static Balance Seated – the children will continue to develop and apply their jumping and landing and seated balance through focused skill development, taking part in personal best challenges. The children will continue to develop social skills sharing ideas and organise roles and responsibilities.

Learning for Life

LC: To revisit the PANTS rules and build confidence in seeking help.

PANTS stands for:

Privates are private

?       Always remember your body belongs to you

?       No means no

?       Talk about secrets that upset you

?       Speak up, someone can help


Tuesday – To learn spellings and write sentences ready for Monday 11th December.

Tuesday – Maths homework- given out on Tuesday 5th December, hand in by 12th December.

To learn the songs/hymns for the Advent Service and practise the parts they have been given.