This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 3 at a glance!


Year 3

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The Day The Crayons Quit

As your children enter the Spring term, we explore the world of Duncan and his colourful crayon friends.  We will also explore the follow up book ‘The Day The Crayons Came Home’, both books will give us a strong link to our mental well-being and how to live out our Golden Threads.
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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Spring Year 3

Curriculum Evening Presentation

Year Group reminders

Week B

PE kits on Tuesday every week.

Reading records/ homework diaries to be signed every week please.

Spelling tests will take place on Mondays.


LC: To recognise the importance of listening and sharing.

LC: To recognise the importance of the Liturgy of the Word


LC: To understand the emotions and traits of characters

LC: To understand the key features of a playscript

LC: To write a playscript based on class read


LC: To use an apostrophe for contractions


LC:  To rediscover pictograms

LC:  I can create my own pictogram

LC:  To interpret the data in pictograms

LC:  To interpret information from pictograms and problem solve


LC: To understand the digestive system of birds

Art and DT

LC: I can draw facial expressions to show how people are feeling


LC: How digital devices can change the way we work


LC: Learning about the family

Geography or History

LC: To use four-figure grid references to locate positions on a map


Revising good posture and breath control using these sounds Ta, Ti-ti, tika tika. Rest position and play position – left hand on top. Finding our first notes – so and mi. Singing songs with so and mi, signing the pitch and rhythm with hand signs for so and mi, playing it on the recorder. Songs: Mary Ann, Queen Queen Caroline, See Saw.


Small sided games to embed new skills to attack


Danger or risk?


Jolly Grammar page 8 set Tuesday 25th Jan to be handed in 1st February