This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 3 at a glance!


Year 3

Learning Link: The Day the Crayons quit…

As your children enter the Spring term, we explore the world of Duncan and his colourful crayon friends.  We will also explore the follow up book ‘The Day The Crayons Came Home’, both books will give us a strong link to our mental well-being and how to live out our Golden Threads.

Mrs Della Maestra –

Mrs Stemp –

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Spring

Year Group reminders

We’re so excited to be back in class all together!  Thank you for ALL your support since the start of the year.


The Stations of The Cross – discussion and expression


Shared story write based on ‘A River’ by Marc Martin


Prefixes and suffixes


Perimeter:  Understanding, measuring and problem solving


Forces:  Balloon rocket investigation

Art and DT

Mother’s Day theme (shhhh!)


Using our computing skills to create a front cover for ‘Our Local Area’ topic


As-tu un animal? Talking and writing about pets.

Geography or History

Understanding the features of a river


Showcasing our Lockdown musical learning – playing the spoons, moving to music – body percussion, chair drumming, jazz improvisation, singing songs and being musical leaders


Creating a warm up to use in future lessons and know why they are used


To explore feelings about the future