This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 3 at a glance!


Year 3

Learning Link: Once upon a Tomb

As your children enter Key Stage 2 they will step back in time as we delve into the fascinating world of the Ancient Egyptians.  The children will have a wonderful opportunity to become fully immersed in our topic this term.

As well as a ‘Play in a Day’ workshop, the children will be researching and creating their own shadow puppet theatre; looking at The River Nile; creating Egyptian canopic jars and jewellery, tombs and so much more!

We will continue to develop our skills in computing and create simple algorithms and in science we peer into the topic of light.

In RE, our rich curriculum allows us to explore the topics of ‘home’, ‘promises’ and visitors as we approach the joy of Christmas.

Mrs Della Maestra –

Miss Pedlingham –

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn Year 3

Curriculum Evening Presentation

Year Group reminders

PE kits on Tuesday every week.  St Susanna, on Wednesday and St Dorothy on Thursday this week PLEASE DO NOT WEAR PE KIT ON THURSDAY WEAR SMART UNIFORM FOR THE PHOTOS. PE WILL HAPPEN BUT KITS NOT REQUIRED ON THURSDAY.

Please send the yellow spellings book in on Wednesday.

Reading records/ homework diaries to be signed every week please.


St John the Baptist and Jesus

Promises – evaluation


LC: To identify and record key information about Ancient Egyptian daily life

LC: To create a leaflet on Ancient Egyptian Daily Life

LC: To understand when to use different punctuation

LC: To identify when to use ‘a’ and ‘an’


LC: To identify when to use ‘a’ and ‘an’


LC: To use the formal written method for addition including exchanging

LC:  To use the formal written method for subtraction including exchanging

LC:  Adding two 3-digit numbers

LC: Subtracting two 3-digit numbers


End of topic assessment

Art and DT

LC:  To rehearse and perform a shadow puppet theatre production


LC:  To put my knowledge of coding into practice


Continue our learning on greetings.To ask and answer the question: “How are you?” “Comment ca va?”

Geography or History

Bank Holiday


Finishing our work on Egyptian music – listening to Tutankhamen’s trumpets. Singing Funky Pharoahs.


To be able to control their movement to fit a theme and beat.



Write out spellings in yellow spellings homework book.  Maths homework to be set on Monday 18th October and returned after half term, Monday 1st November.