This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 3 at a glance!


Year 3

Learning Link:

Roaring Rivers and Groovy Greeks

As your children enter the Summer term, we begin with learning about rivers, locally and globally.
After half term we go back in time to Ancient Greece to learn all about daily life at that time, beginning of the Olympics, myths and legends and Gods and Goddesses.
St Dominic – Miss Duncan:

St Teresa – Mrs Bond:

Mrs Clarke:

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: 2023-24 Spring

Curriculum Evening Presentation: CE 3

Year Group reminders

Week Commencing: 25th March 2024

Week B

Weekly reminders:

Monday: Bring library books, if children want to swap.

Tuesday: PE, come to school wearing PE kit.

Thursday:  Please bring yellow spelling book and home readers.

Thursday: Spelling test, please bring in yellow spelling book.

Reading for Pleasure

Book of the Week:

Welcome to our world by Moira Butterfield and Harriet Lynas



LC: To understand the importance of the crucifixion

Children will be exploring the crucifixion and the role it plays in our Christian lives.


Master Readers

Text: The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd

Monday:  Whole class reading of text

Tuesday: Book Club

Wednesday: Modelled comprehension

Thursday: Independent comprehension and review

Friday:  Edit and review

Focus vocabulary this week:

dazed, unleashing, majestically,eager, agonising



Miss Duncan and Mrs Clarke: To spell words ending in ‘ly’.

Mrs Maguire: To spell words with apostrophes for contraction.

Mrs Marshall: To spell words where ‘-ed’ is added to single syllable words.


L.C. To revise previous topics taught.

The children will be recapping their learning of adverbs, conjunctions, determiners and proper nouns.



LC: To recognise and use unit and non-unit fractions

Children will be looking at fractions with 1 being the numerator (unit fractions) and non unit fractions.

LC: To understand the whole

Children will be looking at fractions as part of a whole and identifying what this represents

LC: To recognise tenths
Children will be looking at identifying tenths from a given picture or value.



LC: To explain how muscles move

The children will be looking at how the muscles attached to our bones and the way in which they move to provide our body with movement.



LC: To evaluate my product

The children will be reflecting on their adverts and evaluate whether or not they meet the design brief.





L.C. To create a shield to represent ‘Our Local Area’


LC: To make a French Easter card for my family and rediscover topics learned this term.
Listening carefully, speaking clearly, making connections, showing you understand.



Warm up focusing on a soft doo sound. Producing the notes – la, so and mi. Sight reading and clapping rhythms of known tunes. Sing and sign known songs from rhythmic solfa. Perform Mary Ann. Learn new note La – and Rain rain go away song.


Perform and repeat – Develop fundamental movement skills and apply them to help develop shoulder strength and reaction and response skills that are required in a range of games and activities. Develop confidence in performing a sequence of movements whilst exploring changes in level, direction, and speed.

Learning for Life



Tuesday: Grammar Homework .Handed out on 26th March and due in on 16th April.

Thursday: 28th March new words handed out. Learn spellings and bring in yellow book with a maximum of 5 sentences in for 19th April