Year 1

A warm welcome to Year 1. The classes names are St. David (Miss Davis) and St. Stephen (Mrs Sharpe). The staff team is made up of Mrs Frizell,  Mrs Samuel, Mrs Riley and Mrs Hammond.

Year 1 is lots of fun with great topics which the children really engage with: Houses, Castles, Toys (Yesterday and Today), Weather around the world, Birds and Animals. Our learning is cross curricular and as hands on as possible!

At the end of each term the children are set a S=P+A+C+E Challenge to practise the key skills that they have developed and to tie together their learning.

The children go on many different educational visits during the year including trips to Windsor Castle, Guildford Museum’s Victorian classroom and Alice Holt. we have visitors and workshops in school to support our learning too.

Each Year 1 class leads a whole school worship each year to which parents and carers are very much welcomed! Our prayer service is also a very special opportunity to come and see the children as they develop their spiritual, personal, emotional and social skills.


You can read more about the year in our termly Curriculum newsletters and our presentation from the Curriculum evening at the start of the year which can be downloaded from this page.

You can find out more about what we are learning in class this week here.

In June each year, Year 1 children take part in the National Phonics screening. More details about the screening and how to help your child can be found in the downloads on this page and also on the Parent Learning workshop page of the website.