This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 4 at a glance!


Year 4

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All Roads lead to Rome

We hope the children will enjoy their trip back in time when we learn about those Rotten Romans and the country they came from. We will be learning about the location of Italy within Europe, its main regions and cities and making comparisons to Britain. Through these comparisons we will be able to understand why the Romans came to Britain and what exactly they did for us. Alongside the History and Geography, we will also be studying stories with a historic setting including ‘Escape from Pompeii,’ and “I was there -Boudica’s Army.”

In Art, we look at Roman murals, statutes and mosaics and the development of Italy as a centre of artistic excellence, as an art form and a source of historical evidence.  We will also be baking some Roman style bread as part of our DT topic.

Mrs Gordon  

Miss M Petley

Mrs Hills       

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: 2023-24 Autumn

Curriculum Evening Presentation: CE 4


Year Group reminders

Week Commencing 2nd October – Week A

PE: Both classes need PE kit for Tuesday only

Baking: (if possible) 4W will need aprons on Monday, 4G will need aprons for Wednesday.

Wednesday: Weekly spelling test

Thursday: The Headteacher’s tables test.

Thursday: Hand in Science measurements or Art homework

Friday – Inset day


People- To look at the role of Joseph as Jesus’ stepfather and how he protected Jesus.


Historical Fiction – We will be looking at how we can innovate the story of Androcles and the lion by changing the animal and location. We will also be looking at how we can build a tension in a story.



Blue – ly suffix e.g gently

Green – c makes and s sound before e, I and y e.g. circle

Orange -Plurals -s or – es e.g. flowers – boxes


Place value- Ordering 4-digit numbers, e.g. 3,658 < 5,386 < 5,683

Adding and subtracting 1,000 and comparing and ordering 4-digit numbers


Rounding numbers to 1,000 e.g.


To investigate animals with an exoskeleton. The children will collect invertebrates and learn about the way the exoskeleton protects them.

Art and DT

DT – Baking Roman bread 4W on Monday afternoon and 4G on Wednesday afternoon


Espresso coding – To use variables to keep track of a score in a game.


LC: To learn 9 words for parts of the body.
We will be singing head, shoulders, knees and toes in French and complete a wordsearch if we have time.

Geography or History




Exploring our new instruments – Toots (mini flutes) and JSaxs (mini saxophones). Care of instrument. First note – B – different ta beats and ta rest patterns. Form to come home this week for parents to sign before the instruments are sent home.


Coordination Footwork – Move with balance and control throughout, keeping back straight and head up. Smooth movements, fluently working off the balls of my feet. Bend my knees and use my arms to help balance.

Learning for Life

Cooperation – We will be learning the importance of working together as a team.


Wednesday: New spellings.

Wednesday: Rounding 4 digit sheet

Thursday: Celtic research – To find out about life before the Romans came to Britain.