This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Year 4 at a glance!


Year 4

Learning Link: All Roads Lead to Rome

We hope the children will enjoy their trip back in time when we learn about those Rotten Romans. We will be learning why they came to Britain and what exactly they did for us. Alongside the History we will also be studying stories with a Historic setting including ‘Androcles and the Lion,’ and ‘Escape from Pompeii.’

In Art, we look at Roman murals and mosaics, as an art form and a source of historical evidence.  We will also be baking some Roman style bread as part of our DT topic.

Mr Kitcatt     

Miss M Petley

Mrs McNiff   

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn

Year Group reminders

Tuesday – Take away containers for Art

Wednesday – Maths due

Thursday – Spellings

Friday – Hand in Science homework


Judaism –What happens at a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah? Why is this an important occasion for a Jewish child?


Play script writing – To improvise dialogue between two characters and to identify the features of play script.


Writing verbs in the perfect form.

E.g. Past tense = I went shopping, perfect tense = I have been shopping.


To find the perimeter of a shape using a grid.

To calculate the perimeter of rectangles.


Sound – To find patterns between the pitch of the sound and the features of the object that produced it.

Art and DT

To create and decorate a plaster tile using their Roman murals.


 To code shapes to get bigger when clicked.


Describing monsters

Geography or History

What can we learn through battlefield artefacts?


Advent Song preparation. Learning to play the spoons 2 – moving from leg to leg and across the body. Playing with accents and playing rolls with different dynamics. Incorporating rolls into our rhythm patterns on one leg and across the legs.


To plan a strategy to attack different defences.


To consider the different types of relationships we can have with other people.

Friend or acquaintance?


Wednesday – TTrockstars class v class challenge

Thursday – new spellings – Mr Lewin’s challenge spellings.

Friday – To research what the Romans wore in readiness for the Roman feast.

Rediscover and Going Deeper

(learning for the first day of absence)


Purple mash log in

Espresso log in



Times Tables


Espresso-  http://espresso/espresso/primary_uk/subject/module/video/item361713/grade2/module305324/collection361833/section361756/index.htm

Using the perfect past tense.l

Going deeper- Write four sentences about somewhere you have been recently. E.g. I have been to the park and I have played on the swings.)

Maths- Espresso –

Watch video What is perimeter? Then complete measuring perimeter activity.

Going deeper- Purple Mash (Converting units of measure 2) See Todo