School Meals and Packed Lunches

School Meals

The school kitchen produces attractive, varied and nutritious meals.

The current cost is £13.50 per week (£2.70 per day) Monday to Friday. Payment must be made in advance and can be made half termly, monthly or weekly.

For more information about the meals and how to pay please contact Mrs Sarah Simpson in the school office on schoolmeals@st-thomas.surrey.sch.uk

You can also find out more about our caterers and the lunches they serve by following this link itstwelve15.co.uk


You can pay on line at www.scopay.com/stthomas-pri . Payments made online for school meals will be forwarded via ‘WorldPay’ to; Commercial Services at Surrey County Council, Epsom Local Office, Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5BY.  (Please note that your bank statement will display WWW.SURREYCC.GOV.UK for these payments).

Credit is given for any absences authorised in advance, for sick days notified before 9.00am that day or for any school trips.  For safety reasons hot drinks, glass bottles and cans are not allowed.

Two weeks’ written notice, via email, to schoolmeals@st-thomas.surrey.sch.uk is required for a change from school meals to packed lunches.

The children are cared for by Lunchtime Supervisors and LSAs at lunchtimes with Senior leaders.

Packed Lunches

Packed lunches are eaten in the same area as School Meals. We ask that you DO NOT bring nuts or snacks containing nuts into school at any time.

We strive to be a healthy school and teach the children about healthy choices when it comes to food. When thinking about the content of your child’s packed lunch please do try to ensure that they are getting a balanced and nutritious meal that will help sustain them through the day. Really good advice on what to feed your children in their lunch boxes can be found on the NHS Choices website and there are lots of other good ideas on the BBC Good Food website
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Two weeks’ written notice, via email, to schoolmeals@st-thomas.surrey.sch.uk is required for a change from packed lunches to school meals.


In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) fresh fruit is provided every morning and water is always available. Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) parents are asked to provide a healthy snack such as fresh or dried fruit. We ask that you DO NOT bring nuts or snacks containing nuts into school at any time.