Year 4

Welcome to Year4! 

Our class names this year are St. Gemma (with Mrs Gordon) and St. Wilfred (with Mrs Williams (when she returns from maternity leave in January) Miss Petley and Mrs Hills). Mrs Desanges and Mrs Skobelski complete our Year Group team and we are all very excited to be teaching you!

As we begin the Autumn Term in Year 4, journey with us to Italy, where we will immerse ourselves in the vibrant cities, explosive volcanoes, delicious cuisine and age-old traditions that are typical of this nation. Along the way, we also encounter the Ancient Romans, who invaded Great Britain and whose legacy still influences life as we know it today! An exciting visit from Chertsey Museum to handle and explore some real (and replica!) Roman artefacts will bring our learning to life and the Year 4 Bake Off – making Roman bread – is a real highlight of this term. Our Roman experience concludes this term by indulging in a Roman feast on our S=P+A+C+E Day!

Invasion is a running theme in Year 4, as in the Spring term, we encounter first the Anglo Saxons followed by the Vikings – yikes! Our very first residential school trip to Hooke Court will allow us to delve deeper into our historical thinking where we will be making and launching Viking longboats, building Anglo Saxon style houses and cooking some different foods from these historical periods. We always look forward to welcoming the year 3 children and parents to our museum celebrating our learning as we showcase our own historical artefacts that we have created! Our science learning always creates a real buzz as we learn about electricity.

Venture with us to the awesome Amazon rainforest in the summer term as we discover its importance to our world, the threats facing it and the measures we can take to protect this vital biome. Winding our way to Wisley Gardens, we discover how plants can adapt to different environments. Our Rainforest S=P+A+C+E Day is a memorable occasion – we have the chance to dress up as our favourite rainforest animal, plant or explorer and taste some tropical fruits as well as creating some inspiring rainforest artwork.


Our termly Curriculum Information Booklets can be accessed from this page with information about our learning this term along with the presentation from our September Curriculum Evening. Please see the links at the top of the page

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Year 4 Residential

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