This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Early Years at a glance!



Learning Link: People who help us

Welcome to Reception!

We are so excited about getting to know our new St Salvatore and St William classes and we know that we have a fantastic year ahead of us.

The first thing that we will be doing is making lots of new friends, learning everyone’s names, and finding out about each other and our school.

We are also going to be learning about the people who help us in our community. Not only those we turn to in emergencies, like doctors, nurses and firefighters, but also those who help to keep everything running in our daily lives. We are looking forward to hearing which jobs you would like to find out about and are hoping that we will have some visitors to come in and tell us about their roles.

Just before the Christmas holidays we will have a special S=P+A+C+E Extravaganza to celebrate and reflect on all the learning that we have done during our first term together at St Thomas’.

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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn

Year Group reminders


Personal, social, emotional development

Literacy and Phonics

Communication and language


Understanding the World

Expressive arts and design


Learning SeeSaw in pairs – mirroring our actions in time to the heartbeat of the music (pulse). Learn Cobbler Cobbler and listen to Soft Kitten rhyme – responding to the pulse in actions.

Physical Development (in PE)

Home learning