This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Early Years at a glance!



Learning Link: All creatures great and small

Using the ‘Come and See’ program we will start the term by exploring our RE topic ‘Celebrate’ and as our learning is child-led, we look forward to seeing where this journey will take us.

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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Spring

Curriculum Evening Presentation 2021

Year Group reminders

S+P+A+C+E for Me – Orange Group


This week Orange Group are invited to bring in a small item that they would like to talk about.  Please can you support your child to be ready to talk about their object in front of the class.


Google Classroom


Thank you to those who have registered their child on Google Classroom. If you have not yet done so please do log on and register and create an account. Information regarding passwords are in the front of your child’s reading record book.




We will be responding to the story of Jesus’ presentation at the temple by drawing a picture of what we can recollect.

Personal, social, emotional development

We will be talking about our Golden Thread of Honesty.

Literacy and Phonics

Phonics Phase 3




ai, ee, igh. oa, oo (as in look) and oo (as in moon)


Irregular Words:


we and are

Communication and language

Space for Me Time – Orange Group

We will be asking questions to find out more and check that we understand what is being said.


In our topic of Growing 6, 7, 8 we will be learning about the following concepts:

The composition of the numbers 6, 7 and 8

Matching the quantities of 6, 7 and 8

One more and one less than the quantities 6, 7 and 8

Understanding the World

We will be talking about what we can do to help our garden birds keep safe in the winter weather.

Expressive arts and design

We will be designing and making props we need for our roleplay.


Monday in-class session: Play singing games for Early in the Morning, Sally Go Round the Sun.

Wednesday lesson: Revise different voices and the difference between a rhyme and a song. Revise Jelly on a Plate rhyme and actions, sing and play the Snail song and game, trot in time to the beat with Bell Horses, find the bang in Hob Shoe Hob and make up other pulse actions for the rest.

Physical Development (in PE)

Small team games to practise sending and receiving

Home learning

Please continue to read for 5-10 minutes each day and record this in your child’s Reading Record.


Please revise our new sounds; ai, ee, igh. oa, oo (as in look) and oo (as in moon) and irregular words (we/are) for 5 minutes every day.


School Jam

Please remember to check this App for updated activities to support the children’s maths learning.