This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s learning in Early Years at a glance!



Learning Link: People who help us

Welcome to Reception!

We are so excited about getting to know our new St Salvatore and St William classes and we know that we have a fantastic year ahead of us.

The first thing that we will be doing is making lots of new friends, learning everyone’s names, and finding out about each other and our school.

We are also going to be learning about the people who help us in our community. Not only those we turn to in emergencies, like doctors, nurses and firefighters, but also those who help to keep everything running in our daily lives. We are looking forward to hearing which jobs you would like to find out about and are hoping that we will have some visitors to come in and tell us about their roles.

Just before the Christmas holidays we will have a special S=P+A+C+E Extravaganza to celebrate and reflect on all the learning that we have done during our first term together at St Thomas’.

Mrs Sumsion –

Mrs Wichmann –

Mrs Morgan – 

Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn

Dear parents,

We have signed up to a service for parents called School Jam!


What is School Jam?

School Jam is an app for you to download on your phone. Your child’s teacher will send quick and fun maths activities for you to do at home with your child. All the activities are linked to what your child is doing in classYou can also watch short maths help videos revealing how your child is learning maths at school.

What happens next?

You will find a letter at the back of your reading record with a unique code along with the details of how to download the School Jam app. You will be asked to register on the app and enter your code to link to the school. Then, each week, your child’s teacher will send you a fun activity to do together. You can let your teacher know through the app when you have completed the activity and even send screenshots of how the activity went.

What do I need to do now?

Just look out for your School Jam letter in your child’s reading record book and prepare to get Jamming!

If you have any questions please do email your class teacher.

Kind regards

The EYFS Team


Year Group reminders

The children will be receiving the flu immunisation this week. This is nothing to be worried about – just a quick puff up the nose. Will be talking and reassuring the children in class.

Please can you make sure that your child’s reading book and record is in their school ruck sack every day along with the plastic wallet of sound cards.

Please see above for the exciting details of our maths resource, School Jam.


Advent – Birthday

We will be exploring what a birthday is; and how we feel when we are waiting for a birthday.

Personal, social, emotional development

We will be talking about and listening to a story about our Golden Thread of Hope.

Literacy and Phonics

Phonics Phase 2 –

We will be learning set two sounds: ck, e, u and r

We will also be learning the high-frequency ‘tricky’ words to, the and into.

N.B. High frequency tricky words are words that are not decodable. These are words that cannot be sounded out because they have one or more tricky letters. We use the letter names, rather than sounds when spelling them. E.g. Say “Tee, haych, ee” for ‘the’. Children need to recognise them on sight.

Communication and language

We will be making up and ‘writing’ stories. We will then enjoy sharing and acting out our stories with the class.


In our topic of Light and Dark we will be learning about the following concepts:

·         Subitising up to 5 items (recognising the number of items, without needing to count)

·         Counting forwards and backwards to and from 5

·         Representing up to 5 objects on a five frame

Understanding the World

We will be learning our about friends in Busenya school in Uganda and making Rainbow cards with the message of HOPE on them.

Expressive arts and design

Can we decorate our home corner for a birthday party?


Learning to play the spoons 1 – finding the right grip and learning to play leg-hand-leg pattern to English folk music performed by the London Barndance Company and Stepling.

Physical Development (in PE)

To be able to move at different levels and different speeds.

Home learning

Reading our school reading book every night for 5-10 minutes and recording it in our reading record. Please don’t worry about recording any home reading books.

The sound flashcards in your child’s bag are to use at home as you wish, to practise the sounds. The children have been shown games that they can play with them and you could always make another set and play pairs or snap with them.

Rediscover and Going Deeper

(Learning for the first day of absence)


Watch this episode of Numberblocks with your child: Series 1: Five:

Choose some interesting objects to count. Ask your child to count out 5 items. Can they arrange them in different patterns? Do they know what one less/more than 5 is?


Watch these videos to practise this week’s sounds:

 Mr Thorne Does Phonics





Can you find any objects around your house that have these sounds in?


Read some books on Bug Club.


Can you listen to rhyme of Five Little Men in a Flying saucer?


Can you draw a flying saucer with 5 little men in it?