PSHE (Personal Social Health Education)

PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) is at the heart of everything we do at St Thomas’. From assemblies, displays, extra-curricular activities and class work, we are always encouraging and promoting the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are the foundation of children’s learning and follow the traditions of the Catholic Church. The children have come up with their own name for these lessons, which is ‘Learning for Life’.

PSHE is often taught through other subjects, primarily in R.E lessons, but specific lessons are also taught to learn about important and sometimes sensitive issues. Topics covered relate to keeping safe, healthy living, sex and relationships education, emotional well-being and financial capability.

KS1 had a ‘Keeping Safe Week’ where children learnt about many different issues including fire safety, road safety, water safety and bullying.

Reception child: “It’s important so people can’t steal you or squish you on the road.”

Year 2 child: “We learn a lot to help us when we’re older.”

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