The School Council

We are very proud of our School Council.

Led by five elected Chairs from Year 6 each year, the Council has a real and vital role in the leadership of our school and its improvement. The whole school votes in the election for the five Chairs from Year 6 who each lead one of our Houses: Armstrong, Attenborough, Elizabeth, Nightingale and Rashford.

Our current Chairs are Seb, Frankie-Rae, Leonardo, Isabella and Anastaciya.

They are supported by a Community and S=P+A+C+E for ME team, a small group of Secretaries, a Finance team (who run our stationery shop), a Communications team, a team of Digital leaders and eco-warriors with the Headteacher’s Task Force and Sports Crew. Alongside these teams is a group of dedicated Reading Ambassadors from Year 6 who promote a love of reading across the school by suppporting classes with their book corners, working in the library and leading our involvement in Book Week (in March 2024).

Their collective role is a significant one, helping lead and implement change that it is right for our School.


Our Eco warriors

To help keep our school green and clean, each class elects an Eco-warrior (led by the Year 6 eco warriors). As a team the Eco-warriors have written an eco-code for the school and encourage everyone to follow it and promote ways in which we can be environmentally friendly.  A real focus last year was on healthy eating in school and reducing waste. This year they are very keen to work on improving our outdoor environment, particularly our garden areas and greenhouse and how to improve air quality in and around the school by reducing traffic pollution and improving ventilation around the school building. This builds on our work with Surrey University which you can read here.