The School Council

We are very proud of our School Council.

Led by four elected Chairs from Year 6 each year, the Council has a real and vital role in the leadership of our school and its improvement. The whole school has a vote and this year we had a record 23 candidates.

Our current Chairs are Norah Harrop-Lopez, Dan McCallion, Harrison West and Leah Fuenzalida-Hernandez. They are supported by a small group of Secretaries, a Finance team, a Communications team, a Community team and a Worship team together with mentors appointed from every class in the school. There is also a Headteacher’s Task Force and Sports Crew.

Their collective role is a significant one, helping lead and implement change that it is right for our School.

Last year the various groups organised fund raising, ran a great talent show, designed and worked on different stalls at PTA fundraising events and gave vital feedback on what we do as a School day to day. This year their remit includes a focus on improving School meals, running and managing a stationery shop for the school and looking at parking and driving behaviour around our school.

Our Eco warriors

To help keep our school green and clean, each class elects an Eco-warrior. As a team the Eco-warriors have written an eco-code for the school and encourage everyone to follow it and promote ways in which we can be environmentally friendly. The warriors favourite activity last year was making a film to help remind everyone of our Eco-Code. You can watch it too by following this link. In the summer term they helped the National Trust at Dapdune Wharf rebuild their bug hotel. They inspired our gardening club to design and build two in our wildlife garden here at school!

Our eco warriors are developing their own page of the website – keep tuning in to see how they are getting on!