Travelling to school – go green!

In an ideal world everyone would happily and safely walk, cycle or scoot to school. We know that for many of our families that isn’t possible and many of the reasons for that are outside the control of the school. However, we do encourage parents to travel to and from school in the most environmentally friendly way that they can and to avoid parking in the congested area around the school.

We stagger pick ups and offer a wide and extensive range of after school provision to reduce the volume of traffic at the end of the school day and offer the Breakfast club, drive-through lane and the 20 minute phased entry into school each day to try to reduce the pressure in the mornings.


Our weekly newsletter is frequently reporting poor, inconsiderate or illegal parking and we urge everyone to live out our Golden Rule – set the example to your children!

Our current Travel Plan which has the aim of reducing car travel to and from school and encouraging walking, scooting and cycling can be read here.


Any ideas and thoughts can be shared with Mr Lewin!


Thank you.