Looking after our mental health and wellbeing

One of the most important things we can do…

… is to look after our mental health in just the same way as we look after our physical health.

This is perhaps ever more important as we face up to the disruptions caused by COVID and the negative side of our access and use of the internet and social media. This page is all about finding the help that we need. There is a link to Claire Daniels, our Home School Link Worker (HSLW) and so much more. Please use the links for useful ideas and resources – we will keep adding things…

Great webinar on dealing with anxiety

by Ali Damario, Xavier Educational Psychologist

Important Sources of help and advice

If you are worried about your safety or the safety of someone you know


Follow this link for help around Domestic Abuse

Important Sources of help and advice

If you are struggling financially

Surrey County Council have set up a Community Helpline number0300 200 1008 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

The Guildford food banks are still operating but closed to individuals – if you need them you need a referral which the school can make on your behalf. If this affects you PLEASE contact Mr Lewin on mrlewin@st-thomas.surrey.sch.uk and we will help.

Mr Lewin has a Hardship Fund to help with covering food costs and essentials, including school uniform and other costs. PLEASE do not be embarrassed to email him with a request for help in confidence.  (Thank you to every one who has contributed to the Fund, God bless you)

Important Sources of help and advice

If you are worried about what to do if you or a family member has coronavirus


Our School Information

Government Guide for parents