Shop with Schools

Do you do your weekly shop at Sainsbury’s? Did you know that if you buy Sainsbury’s gift cards through the school office Sainsbury’s will donate 5% of the value straight to the school?

If each family in school spent £100 a month via the school Sainsbury’s vouchers that would be over £20,000 raised without anyone spending a penny beyond their normal grocery shopping!

All you need to do is pop into reception to purchase your Sainsbury’s gift cards or even set up a standing order to the school for a regular amount and then use them to buy your shopping. Simple!

Easy Fundraising

If you shop online then you could raise money as you shop.

Log onto, choose St. Thomas of Canterbury Catholic school, Merrow as the cause and then choose which retailer you want to shop with. You will then be redirected to the website and continue shopping as normal. With over 2,000 retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and M&S we have found that the majority of online shopping we do raises money for the school.
There is even a toolbar you can add onto your computer that will remind you when you open up a participating website or an app if you shop via smart phone or tablet.

So far we have raised over £700! Click here to sign up.

Easy Search

Rather than using google as a search engine if you use a small amount of money per search is directed towards our school!

100 Club

Be in it for a chance to win a share of a total prize fund of £450!

  • £12 for the year
  • 12 monthly draws – 10 draws to win £25 and 2 draws to win £100
  • Limited numbers left …….You can buy more than 1 number if you wish

More details and an application form is available here.

Inkjet Cartridge and Mobile Phone Recycling

The PTA have teamed up with Recycling for Charity to start collecting your old inkjet cartridges and mobile phones for recycling. Each acceptable inkjet cartridge will earn the school £1, the amount for each old phone depends on age, model and condition of the phone. Phones do not require chargers and do not need to be in a working condition. Look out for the recycling envelopes that will be in your children’s book bags and available from the school office, these can be filled and posted directly off to the freepost address on the envelope. There will also be a box in the school office for you to drop your inkjet cartridges straight into. Many thanks to Lisa Fletcher for suggesting and organizing this initiative.

Inkjet cartridges Criteria:

  • They must be in suitable condition to be recycled. All inkjet cartridges must pass a visual inspection & electrical test.
  • Wanted brands include HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung, and Neopost.
  • Cartridges that have not been refilled before and carry only the original equipment manufacturers branding.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND cartridges that have been:-

  • Damaged or previously refilled
  • Labelled for another brand like Tesco, PC World or Office Depo
  • Labels removed or extra holes. (a sign that refilling has been attempted)

Labelled Epson or Kodak as they are actually ink tanks, not inkjets.

Fundraising Events

For details on events including ticket request slips please see the PTA News and Calendar sections