This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 6 at a glance !


Year 6

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Great Expectations

We have great expectations of the children this term; they will have many opportunities to be excellent role models in school beginning with applying for roles on the School Council.

This term our learning centres around The Victorians with a particular focus on crime and punishment in this era. Using the book ‘Street Child’ by Bertie Doherty, we will investigate Victorian life for the poor and delve into the depths of Victorian London before investigating a Victorian Christmas. Artwork inspired by William Morris will fill our walls and there will be an extra special Christmas decoration lighting up your home this year.

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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: 2023-24 Autumn

Curriculum Evening Presentation: CE 6

Isle of Wight Residential Presentation: Urban Saints – Parent Information 2023

Year Group Reminders

Week Commencing 4th December 2023

 Week B


Tuesday – 6M sports crew group 2

Wednesday – 6L and 6M PE

Friday – Mufti (non-uniform) day – Please bring in a bottle for the Christmas Fayre in return for wearing your own clothes.

Please ensure your children have the equipment they need each week – pen, pencil, 30cm ruler, GLUE STICK, rubber – all other stationery is optional.



LC: To use theological language to describe and explain the belief that Mary became the ‘Mother of God’.

Children will learn that icons are used by Christians to focus their prayer and praise. Christians have icons in their homes and in churches to help us to remember the truths that we are taught in our faith. The Icon of the Mother of God is a very important one to help Christians to reflect and remember Mary’s important role in Jesus’ life.

 The children may want to watch these videos before the lesson:


Writing: linked to our Master Reader Text – Street Child

 LC: To predict the story ending.

Using the knowledge of the text to predict Jim’s fate in the final chapter of the book.

 LC: To apply descriptive writing features.

Children will write their ending, applying all the grammatical features we have looked at this term, as well as using descriptive language to engage the reader.

 LC: To edit my writing.

Working with a learning partner, to identify any improvements that are needed.

 Master Readers

Text: Street Child – Berlie Doherty

Monday:  Whole class reading of text

Tuesday: Book Club

Wednesday: Modelled comprehension

Thursday: Independent comprehension and review

Friday:  Edit and review

Focus vocabulary this week:

sooty, magistrate, spectacles, wonder, insisted, grazed

 SPAG Spelling

Mrs Sharpe/Mrs Lewis: To spell words where the short i sound is spelled y.

Mrs Castelino/Mrs Marshall: To spell words with the ‘sh’ sound spelled ‘ch’

Mrs Williams: To spell words ending in il.


Exploring the use of a semi-colon.



LC: To compare and order fractions

Using knowledge of the numerator and denominator children will be able to compare fractions accurately.

LC: To apply reasoning skills

Children are tested on their reasoning skills in a timed session.

LC: To compare and order fractions including mixed numbers

To apply knowledge of comparing fractions and converting mixed numbers.

 LC: To add and subtract fractions

Applying knowledge of the highest common factors to simplifying in order to add or subtract fractions.



LC: To apply our knowledge of circuits to a science assessment.



LC: To design a Christmas tree decoration using a range of materials.

Children will learn about the traditions of a Christmas decoration and who inspired them.

To consider their design idea, where they would put the LED and what decorations will go on the outside.

To produce a template ready to make their designs next week.



LC: To explain that selection can control the flow of a program

Children will investigate and use a variable in an if, then, else statement to control the flow of a program in an algorithm.



LQ: What was the British Empire and what is the impact on our world today?

The children will learn about the expansion of the British Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria.  They will learn about this benefitted the colonisers, but had tragic consequences for many of the indigenous people in the colonised countries – many of which are still felt today.  They will look at the Gladstone family and their journey from plantation owners to champions of restorative justice in modern society.

You can read more about this here:


6L: To be able to say which school subject I prefer
6M: To be able to recognise/say 10 school subjects
We are working towards producing and decorating a school timetable and annotating it with which subjects we like most and why.


Advent Service Preparation

We are learning our new Advent hymn, King of Kings, and practising the other Advent hymns, including the signing of the Hail Mary. We are focusing on using our best singing voices, standing in our performance places, showing we are ready to sing respectfully so that we can be the best we can be on this important school occasion.


Social Skills & Counter Balance with a Partner – the children will continue to develop and apply their dynamic balance, counter balance with a partner. The children will continue to develop social skills organising and guiding others. The children help organise roles and involve others an motivate those around them to perform better. Continue the game ‘Kabadi’

Learning for Life

Keep ourselves safe

LQ: How can the PANTS rule help us?

Children will recognise that other people’s bodies belong to them and should be respected and describe how to challenge language and behaviours that are unacceptable.



We ask that children practise the words at home at least 3 times during the week (in this book) and then write a paragraph (or more) to demonstrate their understanding of the new spelling vocabulary.

The paragraph should be at least 5 sentences long, punctuated accurately, and each sentence should contain at least one of the spelling words.

The children may choose to write a story, a newspaper report, a comic strip or any genre of their choosing – choose something different each week.

These spellings will be tested each week in a dictation.

Going deeper:

Add more of your own words to the list that follow the spelling rule.

Look up the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Include the specific grammar element given by the teacher each week in the paragraph.

Dictation and homework due: Friday

SPaG and DoM

Please complete the weekly workout set! This will be set on Friday 8th December and due on Friday 15th December.  This week the children will need to complete Autumn Workout 10 for Maths and English in the CGP Books.