This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 6 at a glance !


Year 6

Learning Link: Bombs, Battles and Bravery

Our learning takes us back to the middle of the 20th Century as we explore and learn about Wartime Britain with a focus on the Battle of Britain and its significance to our world today.

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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Summer

Year Group reminders

Please remember to have a pencil case filled with the essentials: pen, pencil, glue stick, ruler, and eraser.

You will also need:

• A named water bottle, fruit or vegetable snack

• A coat (every wet day – we will go outside whatever the weather!)

• A sweatshirt even on warm days as the doors and windows to classes will be kept open

• A confident and positive attitude shining through a huge smile!


Don’t forget FRIDAY is an INSET day – no school for pupils.


Common Good

LC: To explore what justice for the good of all means.

Learning about inequalities that exist in our world and discovering the meaning of social justice and Christian teaching


Reading our class text ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’

LC: To retrieve key information from a text.

Using chapter 2, select the key details about Sukie and the cinema scene in order to write a missing persons report.

LC: To write a playscript using key information from a text.

Reflecting on chapter 3 to focus on a difficult conversation between a mother and her children about evacuation.

LC: To perform my playscript.

Focusing on the stage directions and other dramatic conventions, perform their playscript to the class.

LC: To retrieve key information from a text and make inferences.

Read chapter 5 to record the differences between where the children lived in London and where they have come to stay and think how they felt about this.



LC: To focus on the KS2 statutory words.                                                                                    

Revising these words and practising them in handwriting, also recognising any spelling patterns they follow.


LC: To explore author intent and how or why grammatical terminology is used.

Recognising that authors use particular grammar features for effect, such as building tension or creating a desired atmosphere.


Mathematical structures: Ratio and Proportion

LC: To use the language of ratio to describe the relationship between sets and objects.

Understanding the structure of a ratio relationship in order to deepen our thinking.

LC: To explore different ratio relationships and representations.

Drawing models and building on our use of language to strengthen and deepen our understanding.

LC: To make comparisons between fractions and ratios.

To apply prior knowledge of fractions to explore and enhance understanding of ratio.


No Science this week due to INSET

Art and DT


LQ: What benefits do different shelters provide?

Exploring and understanding more about different types of shelters.



LC: To apply my computational thinking.

Using MIT App Inventor to design their own app using and applying the features we have learnt as well as exploring some other useful features.


Dans ma ville (In my town). Writing about Guildford.

Geography or History

World War II

LC:To describe some key events from World War II and order events on a timeline. To recognise and explain the key turning points in World War II.

Ordering key events during WWII on a timeline, reflecting upon the significance of each one and how it impacted on the war.


Performance – Learn songs for Year 6 Leavers’ production.


To practise events for sports day


Learning for Life Smart Moves: Preparing for Secondary School

LC: To reflect on our sense of self and the attributes and skills that can help us succeed.

Covering the key areas of All About Me and the Right Tools for the Job, we will look at and discuss how many of the things that they will need for a smooth and successful transition to secondary school, they are already in possession of: making S=P+A+C+E for their life and their learning!


SPAG and DOM will be set on Monday and collected on Thursday