This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 6 at a glance !

Year 6

Learning Link: Great Expectations

We have great expectations of the children this term; they will have many opportunities to be excellent role models in school beginning with applying for roles on the School Council. This term our learning centres around The Victorians with a particular focus on crime and punishment in the era. Using the book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty, we will investigate Victorian life for the poor and delve into the depths of Victorian London before investigating a Victorian Christmas. Artwork inspired by William Morris will fill our walls and there will be an extra special Christmas decoration lighting up your home this year.

Mrs Grove – 

Miss Davies –

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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn

Year Group reminders

Please ensure your child has a glue stick in their pencil case


Vocation and Commitment

To reflect on the words of John Henry Newman.

To reflect on our Vocation and Commitment Topic.


Street Child:

To write an informal letter.

To write a formal letter.

To edit my work accurately.


Focus on abstract nouns

To learn words ending in: ‘-ant, ‘-ance’ and ‘-ancy’



To compare and order fractions with different denominators.

To convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

To compare and order mixed numbers.

To add fractions.


These videos will enable you to support your thinking at home:



To design our own electrical board games.

Art and DT

To create a painting in the style notable Victorian artists.


To research the special festival of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.


To talk about the Nativity.

Geography or History

To apply my understanding of Victorian crimes and punishments.


Advent Song preparation. Learning to play the spoons 2 and 3 – moving from leg to leg and across the body. Playing with accents and playing rolls with different dynamics. Incorporating rolls into our rhythm patterns on one leg and across the legs and turning our non-spoon hand.


To know why we use different strategies in different sports


To focus on what it means to be ‘anti-bullying’.


We will be continuing the daily homework for Maths and English. Each night there will be a couple of questions to answer.
Learning for the first day of absence


Going Deeper


These videos will enable you to discover more about fractions including adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers: /y ear-6/week-10-number-fractions/

They may be useful throughout this week.  

Today, develop your understanding of adding fractions:   

 Take your mathematical understanding deeper. Use this lesson to deepen your understanding of how to efficiently add fractions.

Complete the quiz, watch the video and complete the tasks. lessons/add-fractions-cnk3ar


To formal conjunctions in my writing. Watch the video and complete the activity in your home learning book. lessons/to-practise-using-formal-conjunctions-ccr38t

Use the link to complete the 4 sections of the lesson, make sure you watch the video first. Complete your writing tasks in your home learning book. /year5/subordinating-clauses/emperor-penguin/screen-1/