This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 6 at a glance !


Year 6

Learning Link: Our Dream World

This term, we will explore what we would like in our dream world, from recognising the impact of climate change and plastic pollution to journeying to the Greek forest in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and exploring the mystical lands that can be found in ‘The Arrival’.
The creative talents of the children will be put to good use throughout all of their learning, and the links between English and Art will culminate in the children creating their own life-size, 3D recyclable sculpture for display in ‘The Canvas’.

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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Spring

Year Group reminders

Welcome Back!

Please remember to have a pencil case filled with the essentials: pen, pencil, glue stick, ruler, and eraser.

You will also need:

• A named water bottle, fruit or vegetable snack

• A coat (every day – we will go outside whatever the weather!)

• A sweatshirt even on warm days as the doors and windows to classes will be kept open

• A confident and positive attitude shining through a huge smile!


Unity and Lenten Journey

LC: To explore how Christians celebrate the Gospel during Lent.

Taking inspiration from well known Gospel stories in our creation of artwork.

LC: To understand what it means to be in Communion with Jesus.

Exploring how Christians share Unity with Christ during Mass and sharing our own reflections based on the Eucharistic Prayer.


Introduction of our new class text ‘The Arrival’

LC: To make inferences and predictions based on a text.

Looking at the front cover and initial images to explore our thoughts about the context of the book.

LC: To use figurative language to describe a scene.

Focusing on an image to write using creative features including similes, metaphors and personification.

LC: To make inferences about a character’s feelings, thoughts and motives.

Exploring the relationships and communications between different characters.

LC: To perform a conversation using dramatic conventions.

Using the conversations written, perform them thinking about body language and facial expressions to demonstrate a character’s true feelings.



LC: To learn homophones                                                                                      

Continuing our focus on homophones and applying them accurately in all writing.


LC: To rediscover the features of figurative language                                          

Focusing on the effect of similes, metaphors and personification in writing.


Metric and Imperial Measures

This week we will be exploring metric and imperial units of measure.

LC: To identify and use metric measures.

Selecting the most appropriate metric units of measurement to measure different things.

LC: To convert metric measures.

Using our knowledge of multiplication and division to convert between metric units of measure.

LC: To solve problems involving metric measures.

Applying our knowledge to solve problems in the context of metric measurement.

LC: To convert between miles and kilometers.

Learn the 5:8 ratio between miles and kilometers and apply this conceptual understanding to convert between the two units.


Animals including Humans – the human heart and circulatory system

LC: To identify and describe the components of blood
To describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported
 around the body.

Learning about the components of blood, the purpose of blood and having a go at making our own blood using food colouring, marshmallows, oats and cheerios!

Art and DT


LC: To create a sculpture inspired by the work of Giacometti.

Taking inspiration from the work of a prominent sculptor to create our own designs inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Book Trailers

LC: To save images responsibly from the Internet.

In preparation for creating our book trailers we will save appropriate and relevant images for importing.


Building on our knowledge of numbers to count from 1-100.

Geography or History

Climate Change

LC: To explore what we want our Earth to look like.

Following on from learning about the Global Goals, we will explore the Together for our World Campaign


Showcasing our Lockdown musical learning – playing the spoons, moving to music – body percussion, chair drumming, jazz improvisation, singing songs and being musical leaders


To warm up and cool down using correct technique and vocabulary


Learning for Life

LC: To reflect on making S=P+A+C+E for Me

Each day we will take time to focus on our wellbeing, completing a series of different activities centered around mindfulness and wellbeing.


SPaG and DOM

Each day there will be a couple of questions to answer and we will go through the answers in class the following day.