This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 6 at a glance !


Year 6

Learning Link: Great Expectations

We have great expectations of the children this term; they will have many opportunities to be excellent role models in school beginning with applying for roles on the School Council. This term our learning centres around The Victorians with a particular focus on crime and punishment in the era. Using the book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty, we will investigate Victorian life for the poor and delve into the depths of Victorian London before investigating a Victorian Christmas. Artwork inspired by William Morris will fill our walls and there will be an extra special Christmas decoration lighting up your home this year.
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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn Year 6

Year Group reminders

Please remember to have a pencil case filled with the essentials: pen, pencil, glue stick, ruler, and eraser.

You will also need:

• A named water bottle, fruit or vegetable snack

• A coat (every day – we will go outside whatever the weather!)

• A confident and positive attitude shining through a huge smile!



LC: To know people can change when they are loved unconditionally

Making connections with scripture and exploring the Parable of the Prodigal Son to deepen our understanding.

LC: To know forgiveness is an essential part of unconditional love

Expressing our understanding through artwork and reflecting on the importance of forgiveness in our own lives.


Reading our class text ‘Street Child’

Continuing to read our class text ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty and make links to our learning in History.

LC: To use expanded noun phrases to enhance our writing.

Exploring the use of what makes an expanded noun phrase and how this can extend writing with a desired effect.

LC: To write a conversation between two characters.

Using a playscript to demonstrate the relationship between two characters.

LC: To retrieve and record evidence from a text.

Developing retrieval skills through using the text to focus on describing characters and their actions in detail.

LC: To write a diary entry in the role of a character.

Using the grammar focus from the week to enhance my writing and think about taking on the role of the main character in the book.

LC: To explore different comprehension skills.

Reflecting on VIPERS (Vocabulary, Infer, Predicti, Explain, Retrieve, Summarise) and understand what these skills entail.



Over the next couple of weeks we will begin to revise spelling words previously learnt before moving on to new challenges.


Exploring the use of expanded noun phrases to add extra detail to writing.


Four Operations: Addition and Subtraction

LC: To add and subtract integers.

Rediscovering the formal methods for column addition and subtraction. 

LC: To solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of integers. 

Applying our knowledge to solve problems that are contextualised in real life.

LC: To understand the structure of problems with two unknowns.

Exploring problems that have two unknown values using manipulatives to extend and develop our thinking.

LC: To solve problems with two unknowns.

Using mathematical models to expose the structure of problems where there are unknown values. 



LC: How can we change the brightness of a bulb in a circuit?
Work with your learning partner to investigate resistance in a circuit and how this affects the brightness of a bulb.

Art and DT

William Morris

LC: To create an Artist Profile on William Morris.

Introducing our new topic in Art through exploration of the work of William Morris and understanding his impact.



LC: To understand what my digital footprint is.

Exploring and reflecting on the trail we leave behind online and the impact of choices made online.


LC: To be able to understand and translate a short piece of writing and then use it to write about myself in French.

Geography or History

The Victoria Era

LC: To recognise different Victorian Crimes.

Exploring common crimes during Victorian times and the introduction of the Police Force.


Ukulele – plucking 4 open strings and singing a simple song to learn the names of the notes. Learning first chord C and simple strumming style.


To be able to choose different methods of coaching and feedback to enhance others running.


SPACE for Everyone

LC: To understand that negotiation is an important part of friendship.

Using discussion and contextualised problems to explore when negotiation may be required to address conflict.


Following the Curriculum Evening, homework will be set each week from this week onwards.