This week’s Learning at a glance

This week’s Learning in Year 5 at a glance!


Year 5

Learning Link: The Terrific Tudors

This term we will be finding out all about those terrible ……Oh!  We mean TERRIFIC Tudors.  Although the Tudors have a reputation for lots of beheadings and weddings, in fact their legacy goes much further.  We will be exploring how the Tudors changed the religion of the country and the discoveries they made.  At the end of the topic we will celebrate our learning by using our knowledge to prepare and host a Tudor Banquet, complete with costumes, entertainment and of course, food!
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Latest Curriculum Information Booklet: Autumn Year 5

Curriculum Evening Presentation

Year Group reminders

Week A-

Monday- Reading homework due.  Parents Evening (2)

Tuesday- Times table challenge and Maths homework due.

Wednesday- Grammar homework due

Thursday- spelling test.

Friday- Platinum Jubilee Day Off


Life Choices- Exploring how some people live out their commitment to love and service through marriage.


Black History Month- Writing from the point of view of Rosa Parks.


Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Henry VIII charged at his opponent and was knocked off his horse. (Co-ordinating)

Henry VIII charged at his opponent because he wanted to impress Anne Boleyn. (Subordinating)


Addition and Subtraction- Using mental strategies for addition and subtraction.

Using the inverse to check answers to addition and subtraction.


Reversible changes- Separating insoluble mixtures through filtering.

Art and DT

No art due to Platinum Jubilee day off.


To program computers to model real-life situations using Flowol.


To rediscover counting in tens to 100.

To learn places in a town.

Geography or History

Why did Henry VIII break away from the Catholic Church?


Switching between Am, F, C and new chord G – playing 4 chord tunes with a variety of different strumming styles.


To be able to control their movement to fit a theme of their choosing.


To design a memorial to a black role model.


Monday- Reading- answer 4 reading questions from inside your reading journals.

Tuesday- Maths

Wednesday- Grammar

Thursday- New spellings- Homophones

Half Term Projects:

–          Find out about a relative that served in the armed forces.

–          Find pieces of fabric and jewellery for our Tudor mixed media portraits.