Weekly News 2020-21

Weekly News 2020-21

Summer term 2021

Week 30: Huge mini-beasts and a very green focus!

Week 29: Spoons, spoons, spoons and 417 more spoons and just as many trees! 

Week 28: The Summer term is here and we are all in school to enjoy it – hurrah!

Spring term 2021

Week 27: The end of term: fun, laughter, the Easter Passion and Easter hope 

Week 26: Science, heroes, heroines and fun!

Week 25: The sun is shining, Spring and Hope abound!

Week 24: It’s just so good to be back!

Week 23: Ready, Steady, Come back!

Week 22: One more week (but an exciting one) and counting…

Week 21: 6 weeks down, 784+ Google Meets, 420 heroes

Week 20: Expressing ourselves

Week 19: Snowmen, cats and dogs and so much fun

Week 18: New opportunities, lots of fun

Week 17: A salute to all home school teachers out there! 

Week 16: Locked down but definitely NOT down!

Autumn Term

Week 15: The end of the Autumn term… oh no it isn’t… oh yes it definitely is!

Week 14: Shopping, drama, art and so much more!

Week 13: Everyone loved the donkey!

Week 12: Advent wreaths, Ancient Egyptians and glorious strings!

Week 11: Science, cooking, Tudor-feastery and no more mud!

Week 10: Fractions, phonics and fun (and alliteration)

Week 9: Learning outdoors, Macbeth, virtual tours and Remembrance

Week 8: Leaves, castles, dance and more delicious bread

Week 7: Bakers, Zoom and so much fun!

Week 6: More bread, more Romans, more fun!

Week 5: Wet and windy but a wonderful week

Week 4: Cleopatra, Samuel Pepys and election fever

Week 3: Romans, Tudor battles, maths, more maths and George

Week 2: A whole week down and the Romans have invaded!

Week 1:   Welcome Back!