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04.11.2020 Reports by our Year 6 correspondents, Freya and Isabelle

Weekly News!

Remembrance Day

All over the school students have been buying poppies for Remembrance Day. Year 5 have celebrated a prayer service about people who served and died in war. You could join Year 5 by following this link.

Parliament Week

This week it has been parliament week. Every year group has had a task to complete, for example, year 6 have focused on Olaudah Equiano. He wrote letters to parliament to tell them to stop slavery, and it got parliament thinking. he kept on going until he died in 1797.

Year 6 Open Day Virtual Tours

Unfortunately,  Parents who want to send their children to the school will not be able to come in, due to Covid restrictions. Year 6 have been creating exciting  virtual videos of the whole school. Year 6 have been working very hard to prepare this. Look out for these videos on the school website that are coming soon.

Bonfire Night

On the 5th November. If you are doing anything at home BE SAFE…