Governing Body Meetings and Committees


Governing Body Meetings for 2018-19


Pupil Development



Thurs 20th September
Tues 2nd October RE Learning Walk
Tues 6th November
Weds 7th November Open Evening
Thurs 15th November (Data)
Fri 16th November Open  Morning
Weds 21st November
Tues 4th December
Tues 15th January
Weds 23rd January PE and PSHE Learning Walk
Weds 27th February
Tues 5th March
Tues 12th March English Learning Walk
Thurs 25th April
Mon 29th April
Thurs 16th May Computing, French and Music Learning wlak
Tues 11th June Tues 11th June Maths Learning Walk
Tues 18th June Chairs SIP Meeting
Thurs 27th June

Our Governor meetings are Open meetings. If a parent or anyone else wishes to attend they must make a request in writing (at least 2 weeks before the date of the meeting) to the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Jacqui Clay.

The Committees

The Full Governing Body meets at least once a term. In between these meetings there are various committees that meet regularly across the year. The standing committess are Resources and Pupil Development.

In addition, the Governors have half termly Learning Walks when they come into School during the school day and monitor the delivery of the Curriculum across all year groups. This also gives them a great opportunity to talk with the children and staff.

Committee membership and attendance at meetings

The Committees for 2018-19 are as follows:

Pupil development

Mark Richmond Chair
Sam Morrison Vice-Chair
Kate Carter
Darren Della Maestra
Theresa Fogell
Annabelle Green
Neil Lewin


Nicola Powell Chair
Peter Charlwood Vice-Chair
Andrew Combeer
Darren Della Maestra
Richard Holmwood
Helen Pryke
Neil Lewin


Attendance at Meetings in 2017-18

Name Category Attendance at FGB Attendance at Committees
Kate CARTER Staff 3/4 75% 3/3 100%
Peter CHARLWOOD Foundation 4/4 100% 3/4  75%
Tom COLLINS Foundation 4/4 100% 3/3  100%
Andy COMBEER Local Authority 2/4   50% 2/4   50%
Darren DELLA MAESTRA Foundation 4/4 100% 7/7 100%
Mark HABGOOD Foundation 4/4 100% 5/7   72%
Richard HOLMWOOD Parent 3/3 100% 4/4 100%
Neil LEWIN Headteacher 4/4 100% 7/7  100%
Sam MORRISON Parent 3/3 100% 1/3    33%
Nicola POWELL Co-opted 4/4 100% 3/4    75%
Helen PRYKE Foundation 4/4  100% 4/4    100%
Mark RICHMOND Foundation 2/4  50% 3/3    100%

Pupil Development Committee

scrutinising our academic performance and pupil welfare

Chair: Mark Richmond

Vice Chair:   Sam Morrison

Members:   Neil Lewin, Kate Carter,  Annabelle Green, Mark Habgood, Darren Della Maestra and Theresa Fogell

(Other Governors are also welcome to attend!)

Resources Committee

scrutinising our finances, budget, human resources and buildings

Chair: Nicola Powell

Vice Chair: Peter Charlwood

Members: Neil Lewin, Andy Combeer,  Mark Habgood, Richard Holmwood, Darren Della Maestra and Helen Pryke

(Other Governors are also welcome to attend!)

Pay Committee

scrutinising our pay policies

Chair: Mark Habgood

Vice Chair: Mark Richmond

Members:  Neil Lewin, Darren Della Maestra

School Improvement Working Party

scrutinising our progress towards meeting our Improvement priorities

Chair: Mark Habgood

Vice Chair: Darren Della Maestra

Members: Neil Lewin, Mark Richmond and Nicola Powell

Admissions Working Party

scrutinising our Admissions policy and procedures

Chair:  Andy Combeer

Members: Neil Lewin, Mark Habgood

Ex officio: Sahar Tahouri (Admissions Officer)