Prayer and Worship

Prayer and Worship

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Matthew 18:20


Prayer and worship form an integral part of every day at St Thomas’.

Our day always starts and ends with a prayer and lunchtime too. Opportunities are taken at various points in the day for prayer and reflection as we know that taking the time to speak to God is always a good use of time. All of our staff, leadership team and governor meetings include time for prayer.

There is a daily act of worship for all children in the school. On a Monday this is a whole school worship based on the weekend Gospel from Mass. During the week there are Praise worships where we come together to worship through prayer and song and a Phase or Key Satge worship as well as a Celebration worship at the end of the week when we gather to celebrate the achievements of our week and thank God for his grace. Once a week every class will have their own class worships led by the children and focussing in, perhaps, on one of the Golden Threads or a Gospel passage being looked at in RE lessons or possibly a major event of the time. Every room has a Prayer Table which is the focus of the classroom and reflects the liturgical year.

Across the year, each class or year group will lead worships or Prayer services with their parents; a time to celebrate and reflect on our learning and God’s love for us.

Every class attends a weekday Mass at St Pius with the Parish at some point in the year and the whole school is encouraged to attend our Parish School Masses held once a term on a Sunday at St Pius X. Mass is also regularly celebrated in school, usually by Father Roy and our parish priests spend time in school during Lent to hear reconciliations and of course to distribute Ashes on Ash Wednesday.

Details of all of the school worships and Masses that parents can attend are published in the annual calendar and in the Weekly News. Please do join us if you can!


Weekly Worship times:

Monday: 09.00 Whole School Sunday’s Gospel based worship
Tuesday: 12.05 Years 5 and 6 Phase worship
15.00 Class worships (EYFS and Years 1-4)
Wednesday: 10.45 Years 3 and 4 Phase worship
14.50 Class worships (Years 5 and 6)
EYFS, Years 1 and 2 Phase worship
Thursday: 10.10 Year 1 Praise worship
11.00 Years 5 and 6 Praise worship
11.45 Years 2, 3 and 4 Praise worship
Friday: 09.00 Celebration worship

Class/Year group lead worship 


School Prayers

This is a selection of just some of our prayers that you will hear around our school each day… please use them at home too!

MORNING PRAYER: Father in Heaven, you love me

You’re with me night and day

I want to love you always

In all I do and say

I’ll try to please you Father

Bless me through the day.


Dear Father,

We pray our school will be filled with love

We pray our learning will be full of truth

We pray our playground will be full of joy

We pray our friendships will be full of forgiveness

We pray our teachers will be full of wisdom

We pray our community will be full of hope

May we run with your love

Build on your truth

Play with your joy

Share your forgiveness

Rest in your wisdom

Every day


GRACE BEFORE MEALS: Bless us O Lord as we sit together

Bless the food we eat today

Bless the hands that made the food

Bless us O Lord.


(Reception only) From my head to my heart, from my shoulder to my shoulder, I belong to you oh God my Father

Yum, yum it’s dinner time, thank-you for my food.



In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit,


GRACE AFTER MEALS Father, we thank you for the food we have eaten

We thank you for all our friends

We thank you for everything





God Our Father, I come to say

Thank you for your love today,

Thank you for my family,

And all the friends you give to me,

Guard me in the dark of night

And in the morning send your light.



We thank you for the partnership of St Thomas of Canterbury and Busenya Catholic Primary Schools.

We thank you that through our partnership we come to know of your love for us and how to love others as you have taught us to.

We ask you to help us to continue to find ways to support and share with one another.

We pray for your blessing and guidance for all children, families and staff of our two schools.