Our Class Saints

Our Class Saints

St Thomas of Canterbury died for his faith and we remember him on his Feast day during the Christmas holidays – 29th December. He is the patron saint of clergy and turned from a life of easy wealth and comfort to be a true defender of the faith, standing up for God in the face of the King and his attempts to rule over the Church. In the end this strength of faith cost him his life at the hands of zealous soldiers who thought they were doing the King’s bidding. The question we ask of ourselves is how strong is our faith, will we make the right decisions in times of challenge? We take inspiration from the example of St Thomas.


All of our classes too are named after Saints that inspire us today – their faces welcome you as you enter our school!


Each year as the children join a new class they learn about the life of the class saint and the example that they have set for us. You can find out more about our saints (and many more!) here.



EYFS - St Salvatore

EYFS - St Henry

Year 1 - St David

Year 1 - St Theodore

Year 2 - St Dorothy

Year 2 - St Rose

Year 3 - St Dominic

Year 3 - St Bernadette

Year 4 - St Gemma

Year 4 - St Wilfrid

Year 5 - St Kea

Year 5 - St Philippa

Year 6 - St Louise

Year 6 - St Mary