Dates and News

Weekly News 2021-22

Summer Term 2022

Week 40: And breathe…!

Week 39: Pirates, donkeys, performances and FUN!

Week 38: Fun, sun and more fun!

Week 37: The Circus is back in town!

Week 36: Sports, sunshine, science, sea and lots of fun!

Week 35: Singing in the sunshine!

Week 34: Jubilee Joy! (Did I really see the Queen in school?)

Week 33: Stone Age Wonder and Business brilliance!

Week 32: Musical delights, a long awaited trip to the Farm and much, much more!

Week 31: Soap, potato peelers, SATs and sunshine! 

Week 29: The sun has finally got his hat on and is coming out to play!

Week 28: Music is in the air!

Week 27: Sunshine, Hedgehogs and so much to look forward to!

Spring Term 2022

Week 26: Easter Joy!

Week 25: S=P+A+C+E Days, laughter and fun!

Week 24: The sun is out and it’s warm as well – hurrah! 

Week 23: Fun with DT, a trip to Victory and prayers for peace

Week 22: Books, diggers, books and more books!

Week 21: Stars, science, art and pizza!

Week 20: The return of the Dinosaurs!

Week 19: Creativity and inventiveness all around!

Week 18: You have to love a bit of Shakespeare!

Week 17: Art, drama, music and food – a real delight

Week 16: Ambassadors and role models

Week 15: Happy New Year!

Autumn Term 2021

Week 14: Advent, music and laughter brings to an end a great and busy term

Week 13: Advent, shopping, jumpers, games and… a harp!

Week 12:Letters to Santa, music and worship

Week 11: Forgiveness, Hope and lots of lovely singing!

Week 10: Banquets, Work Outs and Friendship

Week 9: Remembrance, Pride and Climate Concern

Week 8: Drones, pumpkins, prayers and tours!

Week 7: Making S=P+A+C+E for EVERYONE – loud and clear!

Week 6: Parents, Drama and History and much more besides

Week 5: History (and the lovely smell of baking) all around us!

Week 4: London, Tudors, worship and Parents are back!

Week 3: Great Big Green Week!

Week 2: Invasion, music, dance and FUN!

Week 1: We’re Back!