Dates and News

Weekly News 2019-2020

Summer Term

Week 12: The end of the year… what a year!

Week 11: The last week of the Summer term – how did that happen?

Week 10: A ray of hope…

Week 9: It’s hot!

Week 8: Hello George!

Week 7: Greek Week Delight

Week 6: The start of the return…

Week 5: Halfway through the summer term (ish)!

Week 4: Not the week we expected!

Week 3: VE Day 2020

Week 2: Website joy… have you looked?

Week 1: The Summer Term has started!

Spring Term

Week 11: One Week Of Home Learning Down…

Week 10: A change of routine…

Week 9: Music, Clay, Pipecleaners, Mud, Books And Speeches!

Week 8: Books galore and wonderful ambassadors

Week 7: Lent begins

Week 6: Here’s to half term!

Week 5: Dogs, cats, tortoises, a Shetland pony and a teddy bear

Week 4: Where did January go?

Week 3: Trips to the past and back to the present!

Week 2: Mass, prayers, Florence Nightingale and science too!

Week 1: A Happy Wonder-filled New Year!

Come and See RE Letter to parents Spring 2020 


Autumn term

Week 15: The end of the Autumn term – Love came down at Christmas

Week 14: The Messiah, Nativity, Prickly Hay and Bethlehem all in a week!

Week 13: Electronics, Performances, Fame And Art A-Plenty

Week 12: Music, Egyptians, Victorians, Runners, Advent and more music…

Week 11:  Music, Feast, Flames and more music!

Week 10: Remembrance, Thankfulness and well-placed Pride…

Week 9: Ambassadors, politicians, Remembrance and, yes… Brexit!

Week 8: The Great Fire of London, the Tudors and an all important Harvest

Week 7: Art, Music and Glory!

Week 6: History, History, History!

Week 5: Grandparents, Windsor, Runners And Worship

Week 4: S=P+A+C+E for bugs, bread, Egyptians, Tudors and Victorians

Week 3: Tudors, Plague and Pollution

Week 2: Watch out for invading Romans!

Week 1: Welcome Back!