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Christmas Special edition

Christmas in Spain

Christmas words in Spanish


Feliz Navidad-Merry Christmas .

Navidad- Christmas.

Regalo  – present  .

Arbol de navidad- Christmas tree .

Decoraciones de Navidad – Christmas decorations.

Estrella de Navidad –Christmas star.

Cena de Navidad –Christmas dinner.

Christmas Special Edition

Art Competition

Christmas special Edition

Spot Santa!

Christmas Special Edition

Word search 1

Christmas special Edition

Wordsearch 2

Competition time

Freya's Crossword

And here is the news with...

Hayden and Liam (11.11.2020)

And here is the news with...

James and Joe (04.11.2020)

And here is the news with...

Amelie and Cristina (14.10.2020)

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And here is the news with...

Freya and Isabelle (07.10.2020)

“And here is the news…” is edited and produced by Josh Media Inc.


The latest from the newsdesk

11.11.2020 Reports by our Year 6 correspondents, Amelie and Cristina

Weekly News!


This game is called Monster Mash Up! This is where you write down body parts such as leg, head, horn or even a scaly tail! Then write down numbers up to 10 and then fold them all up so you can not see them. After that, ( youngest goes first ) you pick one body part and one number and you then draw what it says E.G. 7 noses, 4 heads 10 horns etc.  At the end you see who has created the weirdest, most scary monster!



TT Rock stars  is a game that you can learn times tables and learn to be a rock hero, you can design your personal character and make it crazy, awesome and unique!



This is a new part of our school that has been introduced by Mr Lewin. This new part of our school technology allows years to access information online which could include our homework like quizzes or power points with questions to answer. It also allows you to type to your classmates if you, for example, have a question that you need help understanding. Many people in Year 6 agree that this piece of technology is wonderful and they love it already.


The latest from the newsdesk

04.11.2020 Reports by our Year 6 correspondents, Freya and Isabelle

Weekly News!

Remembrance Day

All over the school students have been buying poppies for Remembrance Day. Year 5 have celebrated a prayer service about people who served and died in war. You could join Year 5 by following this link.

Parliament Week

This week it has been parliament week. Every year group has had a task to complete, for example, year 6 have focused on Olaudah Equiano. He wrote letters to parliament to tell them to stop slavery, and it got parliament thinking. he kept on going until he died in 1797.

Year 6 Open Day Virtual Tours

Unfortunately,  Parents who want to send their children to the school will not be able to come in, due to Covid restrictions. Year 6 have been creating exciting  virtual videos of the whole school. Year 6 have been working very hard to prepare this. Look out for these videos on the school website that are coming soon.



The latest from the newsdesk

14.10.2020 Reports by our Year 5 correspondents Maggie, Liam and Hayden

Weekly News!

Hello, and welcome back to the fantastic three where we’re going to tell you what’s happening all around the school. Two weeks ago, we put up a spot the difference on the St. Thomas’ school website. Many people took part but the lucky winner is, Anna Mills from St. Catherine’s. A valuable prize is on its way!

Black History Month

Patrick’s kindness

Patrick was a black protester who selflessly helped a man from the other side of the argument when he was injured. Five minutes later Patrick then noticed that this act made him famous!

George Floyd and the policeman

An American policeman accused George Floyd of shoplifting and took him outside of the shop and put his knee on his neck so hard that he died. This led to big protests and a real focus on the lives of black people in America and how unfairly they can be treated. This has to change.

Conker season


Its raining conkers! We are going to teach  you how to play a good game of conkers. Just get 3 to 4 conkers, then drill a hole through each one –  with adult supervision, of course. Next attach one conker to the end of the string and ask a parent to play.


The latest from the newsdesk

07.10.2020 Reports by our Year 5 correspondents Joe V, James F and Joshua N

School tree fall

Warning, a school tree has fallen  down on the St. Thomas’  school field. Fortunately for us the branches came down on the 4th of October when we were all at home. They came down in strong wind! It has been fenced off by tape to keep us safe.

Council Chairs

The St Thomas’ School Council Chairs have been elected: Josh Hunt, Amelina Rizzo, Matthew Watson and Quinn O’ Riordan.

They are the recently newly elected Chairs and they are helping the school become an even better place! Oh Yeah.

Two staff members leaving our school

There are two members of school staff who have recently left the school, they are Anne Oddy and Vicky Maguire. Year 5 (and the other year groups) have been writing goodbye letters for these much loved staff members. Anne Oddy was a lunchtime monitor she was here  for 29 years and Vicky was also a lunchtime monitor and worked in after school club. They always helped us when we were outside.

An interview with...

Mrs Clarke

An interview with...

Miss Davies and Mrs Grove, the Year 6 duo...

by Isabelle and Freya with technical support by our very own Josh Media Inc.

An interview with Year 5's very own Mrs Carney

by Maggie C and Liam N-R

Does it annoy you if students slam their desk lids very loudly?

No, I love it.  My favourite time for slamming desks is when I am mid sentence teaching an important point.  This really enhances the lesson.
(I’m not sure Mrs Carney is being entirely honest in this answer!- Ed)

How much do you enjoy teaching?

It is 100% the best job in the world.

On a daily basis, how messy does the classroom get?

I admit that I do tend to leave things lying around during lessons but at the end of the lesson (thanks to my magical classroom fairies) everything is back where it should be.


How much drama does your class cause each day?

Not as much as the teacher.


What is your favourite subject(s) to teach?

It changes all the time, I think that’s why I enjoy being a Primary school teacher.  At the moment it’s any lesson where we get to do some acting.


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your current class (obviously the best class you have ever taught!)

15 : )

Competition Page

A Purplemash quiz by Josh H


Josh’s Quiz 11th November 2020

Competition Page

Guess the film (14.10.2020)

Can you guess the name of these 5 films? Send your answers to Mr. Lewin or Mrs. Grove


A. You play with them, they come alive when you are out of their sight. It’s a Disney Film

B. It’s a gang of sheep. A person is hunting them down. It’s an animation

C. He is not a nice boy, his best friend is Ralph and it is a live action film

D. He rules the Jungle, he has a son who makes 2 friends and it is an animation film.

E. A gang of living animals, in  the Jungle trying to find their way out. It’s  an animation.

Competition page

7th October 2020 - a quizzing quiz by Competition setters Amelie F and Cristina D G-F

Try this quiz for size…

Amelie and Cristina’s quiz

Competition page

30th September 2020: Spot the difference

Can you find 10 differences in our pictures? Email or hand your answers to the Journalists, c/o Mr Lewin