Year 5

Year 5 Residential to Swanage

Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th May


The children were very excited this morning and set off aboard the very lovely coach(!) on their way. They arrived at Corfe Castle in time for lunch and some games! The sun is still shining (just) and they have met their group leaders from the centre in Swanage who will be with them for the rest of the week. Any tears from this morning are long forgotten (the children’s anyway!) and lunches are being quickly consumed!

Lots of fun at Corfe Castle and then the steam train from Corfe to Swanage – that’s the way to travel!


Everyone slept well and enjoyed what has been described as a huge breakfast! All set up for the day!

As yet no rain but quite breezy at Durlston Country Park!

Durlston was excellent and we ended up with ice cream on the beach and no rain!

Lots of excitement!


Another big breakfast – sadly Mr Lewin missed out! Then it was off over the hills to Old Harry’s Rock and on to the beach at Studland. Mr Lewin’s fitbit recorded over 11km across the day and taking account of the fact that he walked in as straight a line as possible and sat down at every opportunity the children must have done a lot more! The rain held off but it was quite breezy and not the warmest beach day! It was, however, GREAT fun and the children were all having an excellent time, almost as much as the staff! There was ice-cream and sandcastles so all was well!


The sun is shining! The sky is blue!

Sandcastles on the beach and then lunch and the drive home – see you later!

Arrived safely in Corfe and enjoying lunch in the Castle Bailey!

More children enjoying lunch!

... and more!

And here they all are, what a fine bunch!

Meeting their group leaders and some exploring is called for - where have they gone?

Phew, there they are!

Over there...

Looks like everything's over there!

Looking in all directions...

Found you!


A more leisurely approach - and is that Mr Jones in shorts already!

Seen you before!

Off to explore

That is a long way down or is it up?

On the way up

Is Mr Jones hiding down there again?

Mr Jones, there's no-one there!

Please tell me they didn't break it...

Exhausted from trying to fix the walls...

This is hard work

Waving from what is left of the Great Hall (Not a lot is left of the Great Hall!)

Interesting games, apparently this one involves horse impressions!

Now what?

Still can't find Mr Jones!

Waiting for the train and thinking about ice-cream?

Mr Jones isn't in there...

Ooops, wrong platform!

Phew, we didn't want that one!

And here's the train, is that Mr Jones driving?

Meanwhile, back at school some excellent Swanage cooking

Yum, yum - in Mr Lewin's tum!

The chefs

The washer-uppers (where's Cyprian?)

Cyprian, that doesn't count as washing up!

Not quite as long a train ride as to York last year, but still time for some games...

Ooops, don't think that move went as well as hoped!

Getting settled in the Centre in Swanage

Still not sure where Mr Jones is hiding....

But all happy!

Dry but breezy - thank goodness for that big breakfast!

What is that?

Where did that come from?

Lots of fun at Durlston and lots of pictures too!

Ice cream and sand - great combo!

... and back at base...

Thursday - getting ready to go

On the way to Old Harry

At Old Harry


New recruits...

Ice creams...

Post ice cream warm up

Sandcastles, sand art and whatever Mrs Carney is doing...

Beach combing and games

Back at the Centre for shoe emptying!

Meanwhile back in Guildford...

That bright yellow thing is the sun! Last day on the beach and the all important sand castle making competition - Mrs Carney watch and learn!