Year 5

Year 5 Residential – Fun at Wildchild!

Do keep an eye out on this page – we will add photos as they come back from the residential. Please do not worry if your child doesn’t appear in the pictures – we are reliant on cameras being with the groups and the power of the internet wi-fi!


Once the children had settled in today they were out making Bug Hotels and taking part in a Scavenger Hunt. Lots of fun and lovely sunshine too!

They have been taking part in team building activities, predator and prey games and a nightline this afternoon and are just gearing up for dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese 🙂 – apparently it was very tasty!

After dinner it was time to solve who stole the camp biscuits by performing a series of tasks!  Mr Kitcatt was very proud that he was able to hide behind a plastic tuppaware box without being seen by his ‘prey’, which was quite a squeeze. The mind boggles!

More fun tomorrow!


High ropes and rounders this morning!

Well, I can tell you they are all having a FABULOUS time! Big breakfast which apart from cereals and toast also seemed to involve a hotdog! Lunch was a selection of sandwiches and fruit and dinner smelt delicious but I had to come away before it appeared. Lots of photos from my afternoon. In their groups they were shelter building, fire lighting, marshmallow cooking, nature watching and game playing. Every one was having a ball – even the teachers!