Year 4

York 2018

We will upload pictures and text as we go through the trip, please bear with us, our time and the internet access will be limited!


We woke up to wind and rain but that hasn’t dampened our spirits and it has been another super day! Showers were enjoyed this morning before a lovely breakfast and then the walk back into the city for our activities today. In the course of the day we have been to the Yorvik Centre and to the Yorkshire museum for a great hands-on workshop on Viking life and then to the Minster which is awe-inspiring!

After dinner we enjoyed the quiz led by Mr Kitcatt as question master and won by his group. The rest of us are not making any connections there! The children have been simply excellent and have been all day despite the damp conditions!

Room inspections have been in place and points are mounting as we reach the last morning and packing up time – always a joy!


Lots more pictures of today below. We hope you have enjoyed the page!


We’ve had a great first day! Whilst the start was horribly early, we got to Kings Cross without any stress and were soon on the train and on our way! Snacks the size of lunches were consumed in seconds and the question, “Are we nearly there yet?” rang through the carriage – but Mr Kitcatt calmed down once we explained how long the journey was! Once we arrived in York, the sun was shining and we walked up to the grounds of the Yorkshire Museum in the ruins of an abbey destroyed as part of the Tudor purges. We then walked through the city along the Roman walls (Luana’s hat a victim of the wind…) and then down to Clifford’s Tower.

“Digging at the DIG” was the highlight for many, including Isabel who described it as, “A fun, exciting archaeological place with lots to do and loads of bones to look at!” During the afternoon we were familiarising ourselves with the City Centre and spotting all the Viking road names that end in “Gate”. This competition can be rather fierce and I have to say I’m not sure that “Automatic Gate” as spotted by Jack will stand up to the judges’ scrutiny!

From here we walked along the Ouse to the Youth Hostel and collected our bags and sorted out our rooms before a tasty and filling dinner. Finally it has been shield making and a Long Boat building competition. Lots of yawns and very sleepy children now and soon it will be bed.

More to follow tomorrow, but a great day!

The adventure begins...

"Best coach ever!"

Excitement grows at Kings Cross as we wait for the train to come in to the station

Was all the excitement just for the arrival of snack time? (I like to think it was due to passing so close to The Emirates!)

An amazing bridge of cards linking tables - engineers in the making...

... after a full size snack on the train, time for a full size lunch in the Abbey ruins!

Patrolling the Roman Walls... the only casualty on patrol being Luana's hat that flew over the ramparts in the wind!

All on guard!

At Clifford's Tower

We agreed we wouldn't have wanted to attack the keep, walking up and down the steps was hard enough!

See what we mean?

The Dig...

The Dig

The Dig (we like the Dig!)

and more...

and more...

and more...

and more...

and yet more... (spot the missing hat!)

and a little more - we even got to dance a conga!

What is this and what did it come from?

Just a couple more because we loved it so much!

last one... from the Dig

Phew... no more from the DIG, but guess where we are!


More shields

Even more shields

A few more

Last ones for now...

and finally the long boats (more of the finished article will be added tomorrow!)

Still not quite water tight!

Now that's a Viking Longboat!

and so is that!

and that!

Vikings in the Yorvik Centre (I was pleased to have a heavy cold and so not conscious of any of the genuine Viking settlement smells!)

Careful handling of Viking artifacts at the Yorkshire Museum

Using all our senses (other than taste!)

Making Viking inspired belts

... and brooches

And definitely looking the part

Well... maybe looking the part?

Lots of Viking activities from weaving...

To grinding grain for flour

Writing in runes

Playing Viking board games

Making Viking music...

and, of course, combing for Viking nits

A brief stop at the house of Margaret Clitheroe, martyred saint, on The Shambles

The team at The Minster!

Again, but a little less serious!

Great role models

Awe and wonder...

and more...

and more

It's going to be a good photo...

We're all looking!

What a wonderful place

Who is that man?

Quizzing focus

Quizzing focus

and more...



and more... and then it was bedtime!