Year 4

Year 4 in York 2020

We’re off!

The Year 4 residential to York is a fabulous opportunity for learning, friendship and fun! The children have been so very excited – and,  no doubt, a little apprehensive – in the build up to the trip and it is going to be great fun!

We will try to keep this page updated as the trip progresses but it may not be until quite late at night once we have put everyone to bed and uploaded all the photos and then found sufficient wi-fi to get on line – please bear with us and, remember, even if your child can’t be seen in a photo they are safely with us and having a great time!

There will also be email updates to confirm we’ve arrived and when we expect to be back at school on Wednesday.


The coach was great even if we did take down half a tree in Horseshoe Lane East! We were at Kings Cross in plenty of time for our train but unfortunately the train didn’t seem to care and so ambled in late by which time we were all just a little on the fed up side of waiting (and feeling very hungry!). But, of course it did arrive and we were soon on and lunch appeared and disappeared at some speed. As ever we had a wonderful view of The Emirates, home of everyone’s favourite team… and then in the flash of a very slow eye we were here!

Bags unloaded and safely on the van, we walked into the city passing along the city walls, over the very high River Ouse and on to the Minster which is simply awesome! Then a brisk walk to the Youth Hostel, repatriated with our bags and in our rooms just in time to go off for dinner – yum! Salad, meatballs, veg, baked potatoes, choc-ices, fruit, sponge pudding and custard. Lots of very happy customers!

The evening was spent designing and making Viking shields and putting together some fiendish Viking long boats.

And so to bed. Tired, happy and very quickly fast asleep. A great day, and the sun was shining!


We woke up to sunshine! Some of the children even needed waking up which was wonderful! A delicious breakfast set us up for a busy day. We all walked back to the Minster and then half of us went to the Yorkshire Museum for an excellent workshop on the Vikings which included handling genuine 1000 year old artefacts and also gave the children a unique opportunity to use Viking nit combs! The other half of the group went to the Yorvik Centre for the true Yorvik experience following the old Coppergate with all the sights and sounds and smells of the Viking town. We met back at the museum for lunch and then swapped activities all meeting at the Dig for an archaeological session with a difference and the first opportunity to see our pocket money!

Then we went back to the Minster had another look around from the outside before walking back to the Centre for a delicious dinner of salads, chicken pie or baked potatoes and a rather delicious chocolate cake. Dinner was followed by the team quiz. This year’s affair was a close run thing but well won by a fabulous team of outstanding students (Mr Lewin’s team!).

Everyone in bed now and most are asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

Another fabulous day.


Even better today – sunshine that felt quite warm!

We had the excitement of a fire alarm before breakfast but that certainly made sure we were awake! Another sumptuous breakfast followed by a briefing for the day and then we weer all busy packing and stripping beds (very funny to watch!).

We all walked in to the City and then split in to our groups to explore the shops before we made our way to the station and on to the train for home.

Everything worked well and so we were back at school at 4.30 and happily reunited with families after a fabulous trip.

Thank you to all the adults who helped make the trip such fun but especially to all the children who were such a credit to you all and such fun to share the three days with! Roll on Swanage 2021!

On the coach and everyone is happy - even Mr Lewin!

Waiting at King's Cross

Still waiting...

At last, on the train

Even better, lunch and time to play (the children were praised by fellow travellers (poor things) for their wonderful behaviour!)

We're here.... walking across the Ouse towards the wonderful Minster

Obligatory photo in front of the Minster Great Western doors

and again but this time a little more relaxed!

Exploring the amazing Minster

Time to take it all in

The dragon font crane...

Much to see...

...and much to photograph!

Using the mirrors to see the bosses in the vaulted ceiling

At last... in the Hostel, found our rooms and even better we've found the food

At least one chld was heard to say it was better than home...

Yum, yum in my tum!

After dinner, time for designing and making our Viking shields

A few instrructions...

... and we're off

Thought and dedication to our art




Happy campers

Taking on board Mr Kitcatt's advice (?)

Taking on board the professional's advice!


Almost bed time

Viking long boat construction challenge

Quite complicated

Quite tricky

But great success!

And we know it!

Tuesday and together for our morning prayers and briefing

Walking in to York

Fun at the museum

It's hard work being a Viking

Weaving's not so easy either!

Copper brooch making

Mmm... nice eel stew...

More weaving, but that scarf is going to take a LONG time!

Viking games

Viking poses

Handing the artefacts

Viking ice skates...

An amazingly preserved Viking shoe

A weaving weight

Let me have a look (carefully!)

A Viking spoon from antler

Careful does it...

Viking meets Oliver Twist

Happier Viking - must have the key to the family treasure chest

Vikings in the village setting

More Viking games

Original Viking pottery

It's the famous shoe...

Looking for nits... joy!

Along the Shambles, outside St Margaret Clitheroe's house

Watch out... that's a real Viking

... and that looks like another!

... and another

... and yet another, this must be Yorvik!

2 more Vikings along the original Coppergate

Bones and other lovely things at The Dig

More Viking delights

...and more - 40,000 artefacts in all! (we didn't get to handle all of them!)

Digging as archaeologists at The Dig

Found something!

So have we...

and me...

and me...

Learning how to be an archaeologist

... and a little more before we get to dig!

and back to digging

It's here somewhere!

Time for a cuppa?

No, I'll carry on

As will I, thank you!

Look at what I've discovered!

Just another day at the Dig!

Ouside the modern stone mason's workshop at The Minster

Stories at the Minster

Points keeper Mr Jones keeps a watchful eye over proceedings at the Quiz

A not so bad team...

The Ultimate Quizzing machine - and 2020 champions! And no, before you say it, that is not Mr Lewin searching for answers illegally on Google, just checking the school emails, honest!