Year 4

Year 4 in York 2019

We are all very excited to be in York and will keep adding photos on this page as the trip progresses. Please do bear with us, we are reliant on wi-fi connections and the time we can update will be after all the children have gone to bed! Please don’t panic if you can’t see your child, they are with us, they are happy but we’re just not very good photographers!


The day started full of excitement at school and the excitement carried on to the luxury coach. Any tears – and there really weren’t many – were all gone by the time we turned on to the Epsom Road and the adventure began. The coach trip was fine and we arrived at King’s Cross in plenty of time to see Platform 9 3/4 before boarding our train to York. Only one poor member of the public had been booked in to our carriage (right in the middle!) but he gracefully moved as the excitement grew!

A glorious view of the Emirates stadium was a real highlight for EVERYONE(!) – closely followed by lunch and games. The children were excellent – a real credit. At York we loaded our bags into a van to take them to the Hostel and then made our way to the Minster. Beautiful and inspiring.

From there it was to the Hostel along the river bank – thankfully the flooding is all gone and the excitement of rooms. Dinner closely followed – lots and lots of clean plates at the end! Then we made Viking shields and Viking longboats – lots of fun as you can see below. And so to bed and so far so good!


We woke up bright and early but not too early! Showered and looking good we went to breakfast – a wide and large selection of which the children took full advantage! We then walked back in to York (after room inspections) and split in to two with half of us spending the morning in the York Museum finding out a lot more about Viking life and the rest at the Yorvik Centre. After a picnic lunch in the ruins of the Abbey that the Museum sits in we did the reverse and then all met again at the Dig for some archaeological adventures and our first retail therapy – more to follow tomorrow! In the journeys to and fro we also managed to drop in to Clifford’s Tower.

Back at the Hostel we enjoyed a super dinner (Mr Kitcatt had two puddings but don’t tell him I told you!) and then to the quiz… result will be published tomorrow but I am pretty confident it will be my “Teamtastic”!

Getting excited

Oh yes, excited

Best bus ever!

Where's Harry?


...and in a flash we're there with Emperor Constantine no less...

We LOVE York

... and it's warm and dry!

The magnificent Minster


Emperor, and...


...and more

.... and more

...yet more

...and more

and mastery

and more

Along the river to the Hostel

That's how far we've walked!

The Hostel at last!

Yes, we are having fun!

and dinner is delicious :)

oh yes...

Yum yum and there's pudding to come!

Our very own Viking shields

Building the Long ships...

Success with a Viking roar!

Quite a scary roar...

Very scary roar!

Day 2... York Museum

Meeting our Viking host

Looking at 1000 year old artifacts

The most well preserved Viking leather shoe you could hope to see!

An amazing Viking comb

A very heavy axe-head

Getting in to role

Viking belt design

Silver Viking brooches

Looking for Viking nits!


Writing with runes

Viking board games

Viking "music"...

Lunch in the abbey ruins

At Clifford's Tower

A long way up

Along way down

Neither up nor down!

In The DIG

Digging through history

Retail Therapy