This week’s learning at a glance!

This week’s learning in Year 4 at a glance!

Year 4

Scary Scandinavians

Mr Kitcatt –

Mrs Hills –

Miss Petley – 



Community – How the parish community support one another during important times in their lives, including funerals. Writing:

To innovate an existing fantasy story by adding our own ideas


Using apostrophes to make possessive plurals.

e.g. The monkeys’ bananas.

The children’s school bags.



To use different strategies to multiply 2 digit numbers including the formal written method.


1 5

X    3

   4  5


To carry out an experiment that tests the connection with pitch of a sound and the features of the object that produces it.

Art DT


To sketch a portrait of ourselves showing a particular emotion, in the style of Edvard Munch. To programme our probots to use their sound sensors to make a probot orchestra


Geography / History

Revising the numbers 1-20 and learning the numbers 21-31, to help with saying our birthdays in French. To use atlases to:

To compare the physical geography of Norway and Britain.

Are the environments of Norway and Britain completely different?



We continue with our recorder learning from Year 3. Please make sure your child has their recorder in school on Wednesdays. New recorders are available from the office at £2.

Reinforcing so (C) and mi (A) on the recorder. Singing and signing so and mi with hand signs. Revising lah (D). Sight reading 3 note melodies using a 2 line stave. Reading and observing the rest beat. Moving from stick to staff notation. Singing with hand signs. Playing with dynamics. Moving to the pulse. Improvising rhythms.

Singing games: Engine engine.
Tunes: Rain rain
Listening game: Rhythm echo game, Musical signals. Listen listen, Jelly on a plate, Tinker tailor.
Rhyme: Burney Bee

 Team games



Wednesday: Mr Lewin’s Times table challenge and

Thursday: New Year 4 Spellings

Friday: Geography: Research one of the Scandinavian countries and produce a simple leaflet recommending a holiday in that country

Homework due:


My Maths

Mr Lewin’s Times table challenge.


Spelling test

Friday: Edvard Munch Art homework.


Year 4 Parents’ Meeting about York (Wed 23rd Jan @7:00)

Please could the children bring their recorders into school for Music on Wednesdays.  If your child needs a new recorder please contact Dr. Mather