This week’s learning at a glance!

This week’s Learning in Year 1 at a glance

Year 1

Toy School and Journeys around the world

Mrs Sharpe –

Miss Davis –



RE : Special People – Learning about the words the Priest uses during mass.

For example:

“The Gospel of The Lord”

“Thanks Be to God”

“Peace be with you”

“And with your Spirit”

“The body of Christ”

“The blood of Christ”


The Snow Queen: Plan and write the ending of the Snow Queen


Y ( new words to say the letter y) – y as in yet, y as in gym, y as in fly & y as in funny


Prefix ‘un’.  Describe the Snow queen using words which use the prefix ‘un’.

For example:

  • Unkind
  • Unhappy
  • Unfriendly



Represent tens and ones in pictorial form. Move on to represent tens and ones in part, part, whole model. See example for more information and come to our maths evening on 29th January to find out more!

Parts of a tree

  • Draw and label own diagram of a tree
  • Write extra information about the different parts of a tree.



Painting a favourite toy Online-SafetyHow to keep personal details safe online.  Please follow this link if you wish to view the episode of Hector’s world with your child and discuss issues raised.



Vegetables Visit to Guildford Museum. Workshop in Victorian toy room and school room.



Exploring high and low voices. Matching the pitch. Using thinking voice – ‘thinking count’ the beat. Trotting to the beat. Sensing the rest beat. Listening with focus – spotting differences.
Singing Games: Hob shoe job, Bell horses, Snail snail. Cuckoo where are you?
Songs: Old Mr Woodpecker. Tick Tock. Hot Cross Buns
Rhyme: Jelly on a plate – using different voices.
Team games



Reading, Spelling Challenge

Please see home learning book.

  • Show & Tell – please bring in something to do with our RE topic on special people
  • Please bring in PE kits and Art aprons
  • 22nd January – 1S to Guildford Museum
  • 23rd January – 1D to Guildford Museum
  • 23rd January – 9am: Parent information meeting re Phonics Screening Check
  • 29th January – Helping your child with maths