This week’s learning at a glance!

This week’s Learning in Year 1 at a glance

Year 1

Toy School and Journeys around the world

Mrs Sharpe –

Miss Davis –



End of topic evaluation for ‘Meals’

Title page for new topic – ‘Change’

PSHE: To illustrate a prayer card to show our partnership with Busenya Primary School

Aboriginal, traditional ‘Dreamland’ Tales

Children will be writing their own version of a ‘Dreamland Tale’.  For example: How the snake got it’s stripes.


You can help to prepare your child for this by watching the following clip:


a-e, o-e


Connecting sentences using ‘and’.



Numbers to 50

Children will be learning to:

  • Recognise numbers to 50 and count objects to 50.
  • Count forwards or backwards from any number up to 50.
  • Identify missing numbers in a sequence.
  • Recognise numbers are made up of some tens and some ones through simple partitioning

Vocabulary for this week

count, number, one more, count back, in order, tens, ones, in total

To understand the features of birds.


  • I can identify the features of a bird.
  • I can say what features all birds have in common.
  • I can compare and contrast two types of bird.




Continuing with cross-stitching their initial onto a piece of binka.  To make a poster showing information about the continent ‘Australia’



Days of week
  • To recall information about Australia.
  • To know its location, surrounding seas, places and landmarks.



Exploring high, middle and low voices. Showing the melodic contour. Matching the pitch. Tapping the pulse. Sensing the rest beat. Call and response songs
Singing Games: Cuckoo where are you?
Songs: Old Mr Woodpecker. Rain is falling down Tick Tock.
Team games



Reading, Spelling Challenge.  Please see home learning book.
  • Show & Tell – please bring in something to do with birds
  • Please can your child bring in something to display on our class display ‘Share Your Light’ that reflects a particular gift or talent they have