This week’s learning

This week’s Learning in Year 1 at a glance


Year 1

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Toy Story

Journeys around the World

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Latest Curriculum Newsletter: Spring




To learn about the following story from Matthew’s Gospel:

Matthew 14. 13-21: Jesus Feeds a Great Crowd

 Key questions we will be looking at are:

What do you think is the most important part of the story?

What does this story tell us about Jesus?

What can we learn from this story?

Children to retell the story using words and pictures


Busenya activity & listen to Daniel’s story from the Catholic Children’s society

Aboriginal, traditional ‘Dreamland’ Tales.

Children will be writing their own version of a ‘Dreamland Tale’.  For example: How the snake got its stripes.

You can help to prepare your child for this by watching the following clip:


a-e & o-e


Connecting sentences using ‘and’



Weight – Using Non- Standard Units of Measure (Length /Height)

Children will be learning to measure items using non-standard units of measure, eg: multilink cubes, glue sticks etc

To compare and describe length and height

To solve problems involving length and height

Going on a Spring walk to Merrow Downs


We will be observing signs of Spring by looking at nature, trees, weather and any animals and birds we may see. Please can your child bring in a pair of wellies on Wednesday 18th March.



To make a poster showing information about the continent ‘Australia’



  • To recall information about Australia.
  • To know its location, surrounding seas, places and landmarks.



Sing a greeting at different pitches. Perform Pussycat as a question and answer in a variety of ways. Learn the new word: duet. revise Doggie Doggie song and game, Tap drawn heartbeats in time with the pulse of Copy Cat. Revise Peter taps. Team games



Reading, Spelling Challenge.  Please see home learning book
  • Show & Tell – please bring in something to do with Spring
  • Please return the Busenya house money boxes on 17th March as the children will be counting how much money they have collected as their Busenya activity.
  • On Monday 23rd March Year 1 will be having a ‘MoneySense’ workshop in partnership with Natwest Bank.
  • On Friday 27th March will be our SPACE DAY – parentmail to follow!  One activity will be a cooking one so if you would be able to spare any time that day to help please speak to your child’s teacher. Please can the children dress up as Victorian school children!