This week’s learning at a glance!

This week’s learning in Early Years at a glance!

Early Years

Connector: Dinosaurs

Mrs Sumsion –

Mrs Wichmann –

Mrs Morgan – 

Personal, social, emotional development


Listening to The Boy Who Cried Wolf story and thinking about our Golden Thread of Honesty.


Communication and language

Phase 4: Learning to read words with adjacent consonants – Tricky Words: do, when, out & what Can we share our ‘Shine Your Light’ talents with one another?



Can we sort collections of objects into ‘seven’ and ‘not seven’? ‘Growing’ – Can we learn our Partnership Prayer for Busenya School?

Understanding the World


Can we find out about animals that live in Busenya? Using the Espresso program to find out about dinosaurs

Expressive arts and design


Can we sing and paint the seven colours of the rainbow? Exploring high and low sounds. Introducing Pinky Mouse and Teddy. Exploring and using different voices. Songs with pulse actions. Individual singing and leading. Finding the heartbeat of a song – faster and slower
Songs: Oliver Twist (new song). Cobbler Cobbler, See Saw, Up and Down, Tick tock. .
Rhymes: Teddy bear

Home learning


Bug Club, reading books, sounds and Tricky Words in wallet. My Digraph and Trigraph Home Learning Booklet, ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ this week, please. St. William’s Class Worship on Thursday at 9am. All RW parents welcome. Please help your children to learn their words at home and to remember to bring in their costumes – thank you.

Wednesday: Show & Tell  –  Please could the children bring in something to show their talents e.g. a certificate/photo for the second week of our ‘Share Your Light’ display.