Home Learning during the school Closure

Mr Lewin’s reading challenge!

Well done to everyone who found great and unusual places to read their books this week! (And well done Mums and Dads for reading the newsletter carefully to find the challenge!)

This is the first pose I received but the picture is too tall for the gallery so has pride of place!

On the roof

In the wardrobe - good to see the school uniform hanging up!

In a tree...

... and on the slide

... and in a wardrobe

In the laundry box

In the trees

Swinging and upside down...

Under the shrubs

Riding a bike

On the shed

At the paella

Hanging in the tree

In the pram

In the WC!

Energetically with Joe Wicks

On the slide


In the guinea pig run

Upside down

Atop the slide


Very much upside down

...and more upside down-iness