Home Learning during the school Closure

Learning at home in Year 1

Whilst we are at home and not at school for our learning, you will find some good learning activities on this page – more and more will appear! Some of these are highlighted in your learning packs and others are just good fun!

Scroll down to join your teachers as they read Roald Dahl’s “The Twits”

Celebrating Greek Week with social distancing!

Here’s a message from Mrs Sharpe to you all

And Miss Davis reads you a poem…

Take a little moment and delve in to this lovely free book – The Book of hopes

Messages from the teachers

Dear Parents

It has been wonderful to welcome the majority of children back in to school but we haven’t forgotten you if you are not able to be in yet! Please remember that we have planned a place for your child so if and when you feel comfortable about sending your child back that will be absolutely fine! In the meantime keep in touch and send us pictures of your learning!

As the children have been back for almost a week now we thought we should just touch base with you all… the most important message is that your children have made a wonderful start back.  They have been so cheerful and followed routines so well.  We are incredibly proud of them, and we’re sure you are too.

This week the packs for weeks 10 and 11 have been prepared and if your child is not in school you will hopefully have been in to collect their packs (if you haven’t managed that yet they will be available until 2.30 this afternoon or otherwsie can be collected from outside the school office tomorrow). 

For the children who are in school, we have taken the decision to keep their packs in school to ensure that they all have the correct work each day.  Your child will bring home his/ her work daily so that you can see what they have been doing and finish off any work if you have time.  All other books (handwriting, spelling, Learning From Home) will stay in school from now on.  Please keep PSED books at home from now on.  

We do have many reading books still outstanding.  Please, please please can you double check and return any that may still be at home.  We made a big investment in reading books at the start of the academic year and need to have them all back ready for next year as we cannot afford now to replace them.  On Monday we will send home reminders for any specific outstanding books that we know about.

A few additional reminders:

  • We are creating a display of lockdown work in the classroom.  If you child has any work they would like to contribute please send it in.
  • Please bring in an empty and clean 2 pint milk carton for next week.
  • Please remember to send in a healthy snack for break time.  St Stephen’s Stars and St David Stars have a long wait until lunch!
  • In the current situation it’s fine for children to wear trainers however please make sure these are Velcro as due to social distancing we can not help with laces very easily!
  • Please remember that on Friday we finish at 12.10pm (all the children are expected in on the Friday morning – it is an official school day and not an optional half day!)

Many thanks for all you support,

The Year 1 team.

Worship ideas

As you think about making time each day for worship, you might start by asking Mummy or daddy to help you make a prayer table or corner – somewhere that you can be still, comfortable but still, not distracted by anything going on around you.

You might want to set up a “table” – a real one or the top of a chest of drawers or even an upturned box, cover it with a cloth if you can and maybe place your Bible stories on it, maybe your Rosary beads or a crucifix if you have them.

Plan your worship time…

How will it start – maybe with a prayer – use our School prayer book for inspiration and ideas.

Share a passage from the Bible or a Bible story. The Gospels are always good to read. We are still in the season of Easter and the Readings this year come from John’s Gospel.

Take time to stop and think about what the Gospel writer or story is saying to you about Jesus and maybe decide on soemthing that you are going to do to change the way you behave or think about things to match Jesus’ teaching.

You could sing a hymn that you know or find one on the internet to sing along to and take the time for prayer.

Pray for yourself, for your family, for your friends. Pray for our doctors and nurses and all those who are working so hard now to keep us all safe and well. Pray for our world.

There are lots of good links for more ideas here

Prayers for home learning time

Follow this link for some prayers you can use every day

and, of course, there are all of our school days prayers to use in the School prayer book

Here are some prayers related to our Golden threads week one

More prayers around our Golden threads

Prayers for week 10

Prayers for Week 11

Prayers for week 12

Prayers for Week 13

Transition to Year 2

This week in school we would have been enjoying our Transition Day, a chance to be in our new year groups with our new teachers. We cannot do that in person but here is the PowerPoint to support your home learning activities around the transition. Please don’t forget to bring your completed learning booklet back to school in September for your new teacher.

Transition Week PowerPoint

2020-21 Autumn Year 2

Practising your spellings

Spelling in Year 1

The teachers read...

The Twits by Roald Dahl

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Fun with the Wildlife Trust

Click here to go to their website and download the free resources