Home Learning during the school Closure

Learning at home for EYFS

Whilst we are at home and not at school for our learning, you will find some good learning activities on this page – this will keep growing! Some of them are highlighted in your learning packs and others are just good fun!

Mrs Wichmann and her friends have some help with your phonics

Mrs Sumsion wants you to help her to make some Silly Soup!

We really do miss you all, here’s a message from Mrs Wichmann

Listen to Mrs Morgan’s poem about Popcorn…

Here are the words for you to try too:

Take a little moment and delve in to this lovely free book – The Book of hopes

Latest message from your teachers...

Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning Everyone,
We hope that you have had a great start to the week. What fantastic VE Day celebrations went on over the Bank Holiday weekend! No wonder it went so well with all the planning that you put into it. We have seen some fantastic photographs of all the baking and decorating and list-making that was done to make your celebrations such a success.
This week we are looking at the story of Goldilocks and the task today is to make a ‘Wanted’ poster. The poster template is being sent separately as it was missed out from the learning packs.
Look out on the website this morning for a video to help with the sh, ch, th and qu sounds we are learning this week. Mrs Wichmann had a lovely time playing a phonics game with some ‘friends’ at home.
We hope you have a lovely week and we’re really looking forward to hearing how you are all getting on.
With love from
Mrs Wichmann, Mrs Sumsion, Mrs Morgan,
Mrs Lyon, Mrs Vadala and Mrs Hernandez

Worship ideas

As you think about making time each day for worship, you might start by asking Mummy or daddy to help you make a prayer table or corner – somewhere that you can be still, comfortable but still, not distracted by anything going on around you.

You might want to set up a “table” – a real one or the top of a chest of drawers or even an upturned box, cover it with a cloth if you can and maybe place your Bible stories on it, maybe your Rosary beads or a crucifix if you have them.

Plan your worship time…

How will it start – maybe with a prayer – use our School prayer book for inspiration and ideas.

Share a passage from the Bible or a Bible story. The Gospels are always good to read. We are still in the season of Easter and the Readings this year come from John’s Gospel.

Take time to stop and think about what the Gospel writer or story is saying to you about Jesus and maybe decide on soemthing that you are going to do to change the way you behave or think about things to match Jesus’ teaching.

You could sing a hymn that you know or find one on the internet to sing along to and take the time for prayer.

Pray for yourself, for your family, for your friends. Pray for our doctors and nurses and all those who are working so hard now to keep us all safe and well. Pray for our world.

There are lots of good links for more ideas here


Prayers for when you are learning at home

Use this PowerPoint to guide your prayers over the next two weeks at home…

and of course, all of our school prayers can be found in our School prayer book

Here are some prayers related to our Golden threads 

Resources to help with your learning


Music learning with Dr Mather

Week 8 of Home learning:

Task 1: YOUNG VOICES POWER IN ME SINGING event: https://www.youngvoices.co.uk/powerinme

Task 2:

Young Voices at Home – Power In Me (1)

Task 3: Watch the excellent videos for children on the Young Voices at Home YouTube Channel to help you learn the song and develop your singing in the lead up to the live concert on June 2nd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciZj77kO8cY&list=PLFTl8WEjeyzLq8NbSzUVFqWabGiEP3YuP

Task 4: Participate in the live concert on Tuesday 2nd June at 2.30pm from home or in school! Details will be sent out by Young Voices to parents who have signed up here: https://www.youngvoices.co.uk/powerinme

Online Safety

Young Voices have suggested that you can send in recordings of your family singing together but YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PARENTS’ OR LEGAL GUARDIAN’S PERMISSION TO DO THIS. You do not need to do this to join in the concert. If your parents allow you, film in a suitable place such as your garden or living room – not your bedroom; you can dress up but always check with your parents that you are wearing suitable clothes. Stay safe!