We believe that through physically demanding activities pupils can be inspired to become confident individuals. They can learn to set themselves goals and be proud of what they have achieved. Children can learn values such as fairness and respect for others through participating in pair, group or team activities.

We aim to provide all children with a high quality physical education. We ensure:

  • All children engage in physical activity for sustained periods of time (minimum of 2 hours per week)
  • All children are taught basic skills
  • All children have opportunities to develop their basic skills and apply them to a range of activities including athletics, games and outdoor adventure activities. And an even wider range of co-curricular activities through dance, gymnastics, swimming etc
  • All children have opportunities to engage in competitive sport.
  • All children understand and can make healthy choices. dance, gymnastics,

The school has close links with other schools and there are opportunities for KS2 children to participate in inter school sport activities. These include local leagues and friendly matches for football, netball, cross country, tag rugby, athletics and many more.

Children through to Year 4 spend a term swimming each week at The Spectrum in Guildford. The school encourages all children to engage in a range of after school activity clubs provided by our own staff and by outside agencies – a full list can be found in the Extended schools pages of the website.

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