Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At St Thomas’ we believe that every child should have an opportunity to learn a foreign language. Formal lessons in French take place in all classes in KS1 and KS2 but the language is used in EYFS classes and can be heard on a daily basis in the taking of the register or in our daily prayers.

In KS1 French lessons, the focus is on listening and speaking, rather than reading and writing. Most activities are aimed at oral skills so that the children gain confidence in speaking French through repetition, role play, games, short video clips, easy books, simple rhymes and catchy songs. The lessons are often complemented by colouring and other activities which provide a change from listening and speaking. All this with the help of the much loved Pierre Mascot. The aim in KS1 is for the children to enjoy French through engaging activities and learn without inhibitions.

The focus in learning through rhymes, songs and fun continues into lower KS2 with more focus on speaking than writing. In upper KS2 the children will start to present ideas and information orally, engage in conversations and write from memory. There are cross-curricular links with many other subjects including Science, Music and Art. The children are introduced to language learning skills and encouraged to make comparisons between French, English and any other languages they may speak.  This lays the foundation for further foreign language learning at KS3.  The Year 6’s residential trip to France provides the perfect opportunity for the children to gain first hand experience of French culture and also to see, hear and use the language.

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