Our aim when teaching mathematics is to ensure that the children are fully equipped with a variety of strategies and the ability to apply their learning to different situations, have the ability to think for themselves and develop confidence in using mathematical vocabulary.

Throughout the year the children work on their fluency with number concepts (such as place value, mental and written calculation strategies), shape, space, measurement and data handling. Problem solving and reasoning are also used to encourage children to bring together their different mathematical skills.

Links between maths and other areas of the curriculum, including topic areas, are made as often as possible to contextualise the maths that the children are learning – to make it as meaningful as possible. In order to promote these links further, maths is taught in mixed ability class based groups to allow for flexibility in teaching cross curricular sessions.

We follow a Mastery approach to the teaching of maths at St Thomas’. This means that all the children are taught the same concept together and those that grasp the concept quickly go on to deepen their understanding and application whilst additional support is given to those children who take a little longer to grasp the learning focus. Each maths concept is taught for fluency using as many varied approaches as possible to help embed the children’s conceptual understanding. This is then applied through reasoning and problem solving. It is important that the children are able to really understand the concepts behind the maths that they do and to be able to explain articulately what they are doing.

Our staff and children really enjoy this new approach – maths IS fun.


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