Our aim in teaching Geography at St Thomas’ is to inspire children to become curious and fascinated about the world and its people.

Children will learn about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deepening understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes.  Geography is taught through cross-curricular themes and there is a real focus on the children developing their own geographical skills including map reading, using aerial photos and satellite images, globes, diagrams and the internet.

We aim to broaden the children’s world knowledge through the study of different continents, oceans, countries and capitals.  This learning is enhanced through our close friendship with Busenya Primary School, which allows our pupils to communicate with children from a different background to their own.

We also focus on our own country and allow children to explore geographic and human features such as mountains, rivers, towns and cities.  We put particular focus on how these physical and human processes interact and affect each other.   This is made visual to the children through the teaching of mapping skills, using physical and digital resources.

A key part in our delivery of the Geography curriculum is involving the children in plenty of outdoor learning experiences.  This can be through local field studies or through our varied and exciting residential trips – Year 4 spend three days in York, travelling there from London by train, Year 5 enjoy a four day residential in Swanage each year which focuses on the geography curriculum and fieldwork and Year 6 spend a week in northern France.

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