We aim to develop the children’s skills and competence to use ICT to find, analyse, communicate and present information and control technology using a wide range of resources including physical resources. Many cross curricular links are made to support understanding in a wider context.

The children learn how to use the Internet to complete tasks such as researching and will learn, using a range of programs, to collect, analyse, evaluate and present data and information. Online-safety is a crucial part of the curriculum and is covered by all year groups every half term; we also take part in “Safer Internet Day” each year to re-enforce this key area. Please follow this link to our  On-line safety page.

In addition to these areas, children will also be taught what algorithms are, how to design and write programs, including those involving repetition and sequencing and learn how to debug programs. Children learn how to design an app and create games for others to enjoy.

At St Thomas’ we have interactive white boards and visualisers in all of the classrooms. We have a computer suite with other ICT resources including microscopes, microphones, beebots and digital cameras that support the enhancement of computing in the wider world.

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