Art and design

We are always looking to engage, inspire and challenge our pupils creatively.  Through our teaching we equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.  Pupils learn to be reflective and critical of their work.  An understanding of how art and design has influenced history and culture in our nation and in others around the world will be developed through studying various artists and art forms as part of the National Curriculum.  Children have access to a wide range of media and the use of specialist equipment, such as desk top easels to encourage good practice.

Key Stage 1

Children are introduced to a wide range of materials and how they can be used.  They develop skills in drawing, painting and sculpture and develop techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.  The children will learn about famous artists and their techniques and apply these to their own work.

Key Stage 2

The children will improve and develop the skills they have learnt in Key Stage 1 and be introduced to a wider range of materials.  They will be encouraged to expand on their knowledge of artists and designers and to critically evaluate their own and others work.

Art Club

We are proud to offer a thriving after school Art Club where children can study an artist in depth and explore a wide range of techniques and processes from painting, printing and sculpture to outdoor land art.  Children are encouraged to experiment and challenge their ideas within a supportive small group setting.

Art Gallery

‘The Canvas’ is our dedicated art gallery for two dimensional and sculptural work.  Art club has their own space within the gallery and every class in school has a frame to display children’s work.  Artwork is regularly refreshed to encourage children to celebrate their own efforts and critically evaluate the work of others.  The gallery celebrates the importance and enjoyment of art and reflects the value we put on art as a subject at St. Thomas’s.

Class Sketchbooks

Every child has the opportunity to take the class sketchbook home over the weekend to produce an artwork of any chosen media to talk about and share with the class the following week. The artist can describe their methods and the other children can practise the skill of critical evaluation

Art Week

Art throughout the school is celebrated during an Art week in the Summer Term.  It is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate as year groups to interpret a theme and explore a wide range of ideas, processes and techniques in depth.  The week culminates in an exhibition of two and three dimensional work open to children and parents.

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