Isle of Wight Trip – Westbrook Urban Saints 2023

Isle of Wight Trip – Westbrook Urban Saints 2023

Keep up with all our goings on at Westbrook in the Isle of Wight – we’re so excited to be here!

Please bear with us as we update the page, internet connection is not great and we can only do it when we have a quick moment! Photos will be uploaded later.

As ever, don’t fret if your child doesn’t appear in a photo, they are here and they are having fun – promise!

We had a very exciteable journey down and the ferry over was such a great experience for them all – we all feel like we are abroad as the sun was shining when we arrived!

After a beautiful walk along the beach the centre, we all found our rooms before swimming and orienteering! The children are currently having some free time playing all sorts of different games before a dinner of spaghetti bolognese! Yum!

Wednesday evening update!

Dinner was delicious followed by birthday cake! A fun night outside and in the games room before a movie before bed. All tucked up now ready to sleep before our adventures tomorrow including archery and bushcraft.

Thursday Update!

Wow – what a busy and fun filled day we’ve had! It all began with a filling breakfast of cereal, toast and pain au chocloat before a Worship led by Rev. Phil linked to our current learning of Genesis: The Creation and Fall.

Our activities today included archery (taught by a GB Olympic coach!); catapulting, which was a lot harder than we anticipated; bushcraft, building our own shelters and testing them out and firelighting which needed a lot of perseverance but provided us all with a great sense of achievement.

We had time for a quick stroll to the beach before dinner followed by a campfire and movie!

We will all sleep well tonight and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.